Are women better parents than men?

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It is undeniable that the trend of single parents tends to increase in our contemporary society. The question “are women better parents than men” is consuming a lot of time from many people and attracting many controversial ideas on mass media currently. Jennifer Aniston has just made it hotter with her statement that women can become a good parent without men. However, I believe that both men and women can become good parents as long as they have ability to provide their children the best conditions to grow up.
In order to ensure a good condition for children until their mature states, parents should have a sufficient financial resource. Calculation needs to be done before he or she decides to have a child so that it can cover all basic needs such as food, health care and education. In the past, men normally hold a stronger status in economic situation. However, statistic figures proved that the ratio is balance now.
Besides financial status, people needs to have good skill to perform the most sophisticated task of being parents. Feeding the right meal at the right time, ensuring the sufficient quantity of children’s sleep, recognizing sickness symptom are some among these skills. Women proved to be better in this role since they had motherhood instinct. However, technology advantages can help men to improve their skills with abundant convenient tools and stuffs such as bottled milk, diaper, automatic cradle.
Children definitely need to live in a healthy environment so that they can develop their mental and physical ability. Thus parents should have a strong mental to create this healthy environment. A chance to be a good parent is balance for both men and women in this case.
A lot of experiments and studies proved that children will develop better if they have both father and mother as parents. However, in the worse case, when we have to make the decision who will be better parent, then we should wisely consider all the above conditions. Those who can ensure a better life for their children can be good parents, no matter who they are: men or women.

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