Are We Unusual?

Are We Unusual ?

Never, Rarely, Seldom

  1. Never have I seen a black diamond.
  2. Rarely has it rained in the dry zone.
  3. Seldom have I been to America.

I hope you like it.
Love you.

What’s to like? What is the purpose of your post, Mr KML? Do you have a grammar question?

Yes, please.

  1. When and why do we have to write this inverted styles.
  2. Were all my sentences correct?
    Thank you.
  1. It is used in these cases for fronted negative and negative-like adverbials.

  2. Yes, they are all good, if you keep in mind that they are somewhat formal and literary. The more usual, conversational versions are these:

  3. I have never seen a black diamond.

  4. I has rarely rained in the dry zone.

  5. I have seldom been to America.

Thank you very much. I do appreciate it.
with regards.