Are they good examples?

Hello teachers,
If time is both an amount and a length; the following ones are good examples for the idea aren’t they? Though in ‘a’ I’m not using ‘for’ to indicate the period of time.

a) How much time do you spend studying English each week? I spend four hours each week. (period of time)

b) How much time do you need to finish your report? I only need a little more time to finish it. (amount of time)

Thanks in advance.

I think, in your first sentence also, you speak of the quantum/amount of time, don’t you?

Hello Anglophile,
Thank you for your reply. Well, ‘four hours’ is a period of time, isn’t it?


Yes, it is. In fact there is hardly any distinction between amount and period of time in this case. ‘A little more time’ also means ‘a period of time’, but comparatively much smaller. That’s the only difference.

(The funny concept is that even a second can be a period of time. Say, for example, 'He winked/closed his eyes for a second)

Let’s hear from others.

Hello Anglophile,
Thank you. OK. Let’s see what the others have to say.