Are they correct or Im wrong !!

[color=violet]hey ^^

can you tell me your opinion about these sentnces. specially the last one sounds odd to me ! I believe you cant change it from active to passive.

" I visited my friend" <<< in active form.

here are the sentences :

“what the pupil is going to clean the board with?”

“my friend was visted by me”

btw,I’ve found these sentences in my brother work book and i was wondering if they are really correct !!!

thanx in advance.

Hello Snip Gurl,

The first sentence is incorrect. It should be:
What is the pupil going to clean the board with? --> The pupil will clean the board with what?

You have supplied the active and passive forms ofthe other sentence yourself.

[color=violet]Uha,that means the first one is incorrect and the second one is correct.
thnx alot ^,^ Beeesneees

You’re welcome Snip Gurl… but do you have to use pink text? I have to highlight it in order to read it clearly.

Not specially but


it’s just my favourite color

[color=indigo]why not “specially”?
could you please clarify it to me ?

especially = particularly / in particular.
specially = for a special purpose.

Thanks for using a darker colour! :smiley: