Are these sentences natural? May 14


Are the following sentences natural to a native ear?

[color=blue]1. I was so tired that I was falling asleep during the meeting.

  1. It could also be that they simply ignored the problem.

  2. Could it be that, they simply ignored the problem?


These are all OK, except that the comma in #3 should be deleted.

Yep, the comma has to go and moreover, I’d rather use “I was so tired that I fell asleep during the meeting.”. It’s just much more natural and I hear the natives talk like this a lot!

I think the meaning will change.

“I was falling asleep” is not the same as “I fell asleep”


I think this sentence (1) could better suggest the ‘continuous’ element as follows:

I was so tired I found myself falling asleep.

To me, “I was falling asleep during the meeting” is natural, and suggests someone on the brink of falling asleep, or someone who had to make an effort to stop themselves falling asleep.

So sleepy in the meeting. ? Thanks

I was so sleepy in the meeting
has a slightly different meaning.