Are the below mentioned sentences written correctly? Please advise.

1)Sorry if my facial expression annoyed you/displeases you.

2)Sorry if my facial repression have conveyed/sent the wrong message.

  1. Can you make the hot beverage into cold one?

  2. Can you turn the cold beverage into a hot one?

  3. How much water should the bucket be filled with?

  4. How much espresso should the cup be filled with?

Are the above mentioned sentences/question written correctly? Please advise.

  1. You will need to make up your mind whether you wish to use the past tense:
    annoyed / displeased
    or the present tense:
    annoys / displeases.

  2. Sorry if my facial expression has conveyed the wrong meaning.

  3. Doesn’t make sense. If it’s hot, cooling it will make it cold.
    You might mean:
    Can you make this beverage cold instead of hot?

  4. Can you heat this cold beverage?

  5. How much water should be put in/poured into the bucket.

  6. How much espresso should be put in/poured into the cup.