Are the below mentioned sentences correct? Please advise.

  1. Stand here and keep me out of sight of the customer.
  2. Keep the king out of sight of the queen.
  3. What is the sight radius of the telescope.
  4. The soldier got into position, aimed his gun and wait for the enemy to go within his sight before firing.
  5. Please block the view of me from her by standing here.
  6. Please block her view of me by standing here.

Are the above mentioned sentences correct? Please advise.

Once again:

Are the sentences below correct?
Are the sentences above correct?

‘Mentioned’ adds nothing here and seems distinctly odd.

I don’t see the worth in correcting new language patterns when you do not pay attention to the advice you have been given many times over.

Hi, sorry for the late reply and I apologize for my mistakes. As I recalled, I was told that I should include the word ‘mentioned’ in one of the previous post.

My apology if I made a mistake.

I have a hard time learning English because I don’t live in English speaking environment. I practice English online when I am able to find free time to do so. I’ve just started a new job and because of that I’ve been spending less time working on my English and as a resulted my English skills/proficiency level has regressed.

I don’t think you did. I also had a doubt about its grace and acceptability. This thread ( which I opened about five years ago may console you a little. Honestly, your English is good.

St8762, there is we need to apologise for mistakes, just try to learn from then rather than repeat them If you were told you had to include “mentioned” in the above context, you were misinformed. It adds nothing and is less fluent. Perhaps the last situation was slightly different.

Sorry for the late reply. I will try to eliminate or at least minimize the careless mistakes I often make. Thanks for being a good teacher for many years now. This forum has really helped me a lot with improving my English.