Are successful pupils merely statistics to gloat over for education authorities?

A serious question, and a good topic for an essay.


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I noted down :slight_smile:

And this is my rough interpretation –

Policy makers should not just look at the numbers but the values that education imparts. And that means revisiting the definition of success.

Please correct me if I have misinterpreted.

Good evening Gray, no you haven’t misinterpreted. That is exactly the point that I was making.

Plus we have had accusations about the lowering of test markings in order to " achieve" a successful rating.

I’ve personally seen lots of “acceptable” English homework, and the standard was abysmal, and bear in mind that these pupils were attending a well-respected school.

My own grand-daughter and grand-son both passed entry examinations into Birmingham and Manchester universities, when I myself thought that they didn’t stand a “cat in hells chance” of doing so,with flying colours.

However, the Torquay new-papers were aglow with just how great their schools were, and what fantastic pass rates their pupils were achieving.

Certainly makes you think…