Are science students clever than literature students?

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Are science students clever than literature students? If yes, in what way?

Who seem to have better future?

Firstly ı would like to say that those two concepts are totally diffrent eh other.persobally ı do not thınk that science students clever than literature students.The most diffrent one is the way of thinking among the students.Literature students have handle in details and everyhing is i openden in new critics or comments there is no certain results in literature so the literature studnets thnik in that way that is way ı say that literature students are much clever that the other thank you veyr much for you dıscuusıın topıc.


It’s a longstanding battle isn’t it between the arts and the sciences? I believe that you should respect both fields of study. Perception and cleverness flourish in both. A more important question is which has the greater use to society? I believe both are necessary for a civilised society.


in that way you are quite write literature is consisted as a piece of our life .the significant of literature in society is undeniable shorly ı can say that literature is necessary in olur life

They may not be more clever, but they certainly seem to get paid better… :cry:

Here where I live, literature students are considered brainless. But some of them really have agile minds.
As Alan metioned above, they are both vital for a civilised society.

Bear in mind that almost all kings and presidents in the world are student of law, in other words, literature students.

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For my opinion the both is same…

And each of them specify in speacilizst

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If we put our mind to it, we can be good at both. It’s just a matter of interest, in my opinion. But if you study science carefully, you’ll be surprised of the hidden art in it. :wink: So it is not surprising that many scientists are also artists.

well ! In my opinion, literature is easier than science because I have to work very hard to study science to get good marks, but in literature sometime I don’t have to work really hard but still get good marks. And I think scientists are the people who change the world, not the artists. But science students are clever as literature students. It depends on the subject that students choose to study.

Yes, sometimes they are responsible for horrific crimes against mankind. I believe that all of you know some of the terrible events that linger in the memory forever and that are caused by scientists.

Well, maybe you’re right, but science is very important. I mean without science, we will not have the world like the world today, people still ride hourse and fight with sword and use candles for light. that is which artists can’t do.[/list]

‘More clever’… I don’t understand your verbage. What does being clever have to do with these two classes of students in comparison? I mean, they’re both clever in their own studies, to wonder which is more clever involving one in particular (i.e. Are science students more clever in literature than literature students?) almost makes more sense. Firstly, in my opnion, they don’t relate… however if I was just answering the question instead of picking it apart (lol sorry)… I would say that literature is a more clever study, and personally I believe that it’s a life line for society; attorneys, congress, of course the arts that occupy interests and time, and recently Obama… you’ve got to be pretty clever to convince American’s that YOU are going to change their world with their belief in themselves and trust in you. However, that being said, w/o scientific minds (clever as they are) being so smart and determined and inclined to test theory, wonder so far to push the limits and be so determined as to continue to push until there’s a proven explanation, a studied and proven factual way, nothing in society or the world for that matter would be justified… nor would we have cures for what ales us and I guess that makes for a pretty clever mind albiet there are better verbs to describe a scientist, such as intelligent, witted, keen etc. Clever fits with an individual who convinces based on belief, and intelligent acompanies one who doesn’t have to convense. Was that way tooo much?

So imagine a world where these catastrophes or harmful events don’t get set into play, or in your opinion caused, by the Dr. Jeckel’s with their inquiring minds… and therefore the general public isn’t prepared when the issues arise naturally or at the hands of ignorant society members, what happens then? My grandfather says that what doesn’t kill us, (not that it can’t but rather that we endured) only makes us stronger, and don’t you tend to agree? Not only stronger, also prepared, and in the realm to test alternate remedies, or solutions. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you so to speak.

I think Literature students are more clever because they think out of sphere . Science students study the set theories then proceed , they cant disagree with their predecessors but a literature student can disagree from the very first step by using his mind .His common sense is more sharpened by studying literature.He studies religion, politics , ethics , history etc. to understand literature . So his wisdom grows more rapidly than a scientist. :slight_smile:

You never speak a truer word. I couldn’t agree more. Scientists are behind all these changes that have substantial benefits. But just to mind you that the pen of a literature student is as stronger as the test tube of a scientist. If you watch a documentary about the war in Iraq, you will find out that the words, the personal writer of the ex president of the United States wrote, were behind gaining public acceptance of the war. And it is not surprising at all to say that the new US president won the election because of his words, and the way he said them. This is just to say that being literature or science student does not matter, we all share the world, and this last needs us both.

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We are not as good as you think. Some people here may have better know how that others , but that should not make feel frustrated.

Do not make your failure certain by being the first to be convinced of it.

there’s no difference between scientific and literature students at all.

Except that one group studies science and the other literature.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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