Are parents best teachers? (please correct my essay) Thank you

[size=150]Are parents best teachers?[/size]

Parents play a great role in the lives of their children. Children learn many things from their parents. Are parents best teacher? The answer of this question varies from person to person. I strongly agree with this statement for several reasons.

First of all, I would like to emphasize that when a child born he/she firstly see his/her parent. For several years he/she lives under their parent’s protection. So, the first teacher of every child is his/her parent. Before going to school children learn many things. They learn all these things by their parents. For example children can speak in their own language when they go to school. They do not see any teacher when they learn speaking. This means that their teachers are their parents. Moreover, they learn many other vital characteristics, for instance, they know that they should feel respect to their teacher and listen their advice, behave friendly with their peers and etc. when they go to school.

Moreover, I would like to highlight that children learn the essential lessons for life from their parents. Parents are not supposed to teach the subject for example, math, chemistry, physics and etc. to their children. They teach their children how they should behave in a certain situation and how to solve life problems. Mostly, children tend to imitate the actions of their parents. In this way they learn many things from their parents. That is why I believe that parents should not only give advice to their children but also they should demonstrate that they also do these beneficial activities. Thus; I believe that actions speak louder than word. For example, if a man smokes regularly, I believe that his child also will smoke, because he will see his father while smoking and thing that it is good activity.

To sum up, I would like to underline that people always have many things to learn from their parents. In every ages and situations human needs to get advice from someone. And in this case they appeal their parents and tend to use their experience of ages. I believe that children should appreciate this opportunity well and should ask many questions about their parent’s experience. Experience is the best education someone has.

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