Are Kaplan CATs trustworthy?

I am taking the Kaplan course, and I just took one of their CATs yesterday and did really well(Verbal 690, Math 700), considering previous scores on the GRE. Can I trust these scores, or are they giving me an easy test so that they can say their class does work? Does anyone have any experience with CATS from Kaplan? If so, did you get around the same score on the actual GRE as you did on the CATs?

I haven’t taken any Kaplan tests but those are good scores. Powerprep and Princeton Review are accurate, so take those too.

hi, everybody
I’m a new member. i wanna try with Gmat, please give me some experiences for example which books i need to start? and if anyone has group for studying, i wish to be take part-in

Dude, you’re posting in the GRE forum. You need to go to the GMAT one!