Are interested proteins and proteins of interest interchangable?

I am a non native English speaker from Thailand.
I found the use of “interested proteins” in a scientific journal as follows:

In randomly selected CCRT-HS (n = 60) and CCRT-LS (n = 35) cases, these four differentially expressed proteins were detected by tissue microarray with immunohistochemistry staining to explore the association between these interested proteins and CCRT sensitivity.

It appears in J. Proteome Res., 2009, 8 (8), pp 3969–3976

(BTW, the author of this article is also a non native speaker)
The question is whether “the interested proteins” is correct and can be interchanged with “the proteins of interest”

I guess I want to know why “interested” can not be used an an adjective if the “interested proteins” is incorrect.
Thanks a lot

I’m no scientist, but I think that ‘proteins of interest’ would be correct whereas ‘interested proteins’ is actually wrong. I think the writer might have intended ‘interesting proteins’ (though I still prefer’ proteins of interest’).