Are here some guitar players..)?

Hi guys,

I do playing an acoustic guitar, and I am looking for some new songs…
I am just wonder if here are guitar players as well, so we could share some songs…experience…tricks and stuff like that…


Hi 328pd,
You like guitar, don’t you? I’m too. Hearing and playing the English songs are my habit.
Do you ever hear “All out of love” or “Where ever you will go”? These songs are old, but their melodies are wonderful. With a good voice, you and your guitar can enchant any audience.
Nice to meet you.

Hi AnhXuan, nice to meet you too.

aha…I like it, and very much. I am beginner, but I play daly for hours, and I just cant get enough…)
Its like a habit too for me, and to improve my english I do reading the lyrics as well.
for example jonny cash lyrics, they are rally interresting lyrics, but not really easy to undersant at once…)

I like playing eric calpton stuff, like layla
or Dire Straits, Sultan of Swing
generally I really like old songs

do you play acoustic guitar too? are you a fingerstyle player?


I can play a tiny bit of guitar, but I am much better on ukulele - you can see some of my covers if you search “luschen ukulele” on YouTube. I like “Sultans of Swing” too. I can play “I Shot the Sheriff” but I haven’t tried Layla yet. It would be fun to share some songs. I like songs with a lot of unusual chords - some of the really old songs are fun on ukulele, like Hello Dolly, or Love and Marriage, or Putting on the Ritz.

I used to play guitar. I can play a bit of rock, blues and metal. SRV is my best blue guitarist. I love CCR, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and so on of our time 70s’ era.

I love punk too.

kind regards.

Oh, I forget one of my best love AC/DC. How can I be so forgetful.

kind regards.

Hi 328pd,
I learned guitar because of Tears in Heaven, a song of Eric Clapton. The lyric is meaningful: “Would you know my name, if I saw you in heaven?”. I play acoustic guitar too, but sometimes, I play fingerstyle. I would like to introduce this song to you: Forever, a song of Stratovarious. I think you should take some videos and share with other people like Luschen does. It is interesting.

Hi Luschen,
I like the cover Livin’ Life in your series of songs. Ukulele can make the special melodies. I hope to see more of your videos.

Hi Kyaw Min Lwin,
Rock is exciting. If someone fell boring, he should hear some rock songs. Nowadays, there are a lot of excellent rock bands. However their music is quite different, but it is worth for people to listen such as: What I’ve done of Linkin Park.

Hi @ all…

great that there are some guitar or ukulele players. I am very happy

welll done. Really nice videos and it seems to me, that you arent a beginner…right…)? bye the way, does the guitar player from Bon Jovi - Wanted dead or alive playing a ukulere on his amazing intro, or not?
Have a look on such a great song…

its amazing, and I can play it too, but of course not the 8 or 12 strings guitar…)

@Mr. Kyaw Min Lwin
agree at all with you, coz even I what actually dont like very much hard rock stuff, but acdc sometime i really like and even I can play songs like…Hells Bells or Highway to hell, or You shook me all night long.
I like these songs, and sometime I just need such hard stuff…)

But to be honest I like playing soft songs, and I like very much some songs from Slahs and Miles Kennedy on their max session, like patience or sweet child of mine.

nice songs, I do already try to play them…)


Hi 328pd. The guy from Bon Jovi is playing a mandolin on the intro. It has 8 strings instead of 4 like a ukulele, so I guess it is twice as hard!

Hi Luschen,

yes you are right, but its a nice big thing what he is playing there.
I guess it weighs very much…:slight_smile:

Hi 328pd…

I have been given a guitar as a present from a friend years ago. since then I try to play it from time to time, I have achieved some progress. it is so wonderful thing that I’m thinking about buying new modern one,particularly the neck of this precious present is about to be broken, and it lost one of its strings…
As to the subject, there are many beautiful songs but I prefer the quiet ones, unless I want to escape from some bad thoughts… but isn’t listening to a noisy song a bad Idea too?

Thank you.

Hi Jamilion,

it isnt bad at all, the mainthing is you can be realaxed with playing the guitar. It is the same for me, always when I play the guitar I can forget bad things and I feel like being a superstar…in front of some volks playing, and just have fun and be happy.

I just bought a new one from Ibanez brand, it looks nice and sounds very strong. I made a good progress with it in fact it wasnt easy playing with it, coz it was very different from my first one, which was a simple Fender acoustic guitar, and cheap.

But now I am happy that I bought the new one, coz so I am more motivated to play it…)

I like quiete songs too, specially guns roses patience, or the intro form stairway to heaven, or the intro form mettalica…and just so on.
as for now I am trying to play Sultans of Swing from Mark Knopfler…


Sultans of Swing

Hi Luschen,

I really like your ukulele play. Great stuff! The ukulele plays so easily and swiftly.

Have you ever considered playing a standard 640/650cm scale guitar? Or maybe a 3/4 guitar?

There are oceans within the realms of possibility.


Hi Luschen, wow very nice…really…)
how long have you been playing ukulele?

one day I should really try to make a record from my self, but unfortuantly I am still beginner, so I fear it will not really sounds good…)

well done Luschen


Thanks Ralf and 328pd. I used to “play around” on the guitar, but could never get too far because I couldn’t play the barre chords. Also, i have one thumb and four fingers, so the four strings of a ukulele seem a much better fit than the 6 of a guitar. They do have a baritone ukulele which is about the size of a small guitar, but my ukulele is so much more handy. I have been playing it about 2 years - it doesn’t take too long before you’re strumming away.

it sounds easy for you…) as for me, I have been playing the 6 string for 2 years, and it is getting better for each passing week.
I remeber my first day, just strumming some chords…) but now its much better…