Are both questions possible?

Mary: [color=blue]Peter! Look at the time! It’s a quarter to twelve. What have you done since breakfast? Nothing! You’ve been in that armchair reading the paper the whole morning. Meanwhile I‘ve been very busy. I‘ve vacuumed the floors, and I‘ve taken a shower already. Come on! Get ready at once!. We must be at The Red Bird in a quarter of an hour.
‘The Red Bird’ is a bar.

a) Why does Mary tell Peter to get ready at once?
b) Why does Mary tell Peter, ‘Get ready at once’?
Because they have to be at The Red Bird in a quarter on an hour.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, both questions are possible.
You have a typo in your answer.
It would be helpful if you could please put your question in the body of the message, rather than in the title (or as well as the title).

Hi beeesneees,
Thank you for your reply and correction.
I’ll do as you say.