Are animal organs safe for people?

Are Animal Organs Safe for People?

A) Medical advances in this particular field.
B) Illness and physical disorders that can be cured through this technology.
C) Influence of transplants on triggering deadly epidemics.

Doctors and investigators are constantly studying new methods to cure illnesses that they cannot cure them yet. One of those discoveries is to cure people using an animal organ instead a human organ that it is ill.

Nowadays medicine has improved a lot in this field. Since doctors realized that there are some animal organs that can be transplanted to persons to cure them, they have done lots of transplants. Also it is checked that later on there will not any problem with the new organ and the illness is totally cured.

Pigs are the animals that they have more useful organs for the people. For instance the liver’s pig has been transplanted to many people and they are healthy now.

I totally agreed with this technology although there are many people who they prefer dying rather than being operated and to put an animal organ into their body for the rest of their lives. From my point of view the live is one of our most valuable treasures we own. We have to look after our health and take advantages of the new advances there are in medicine now.

This technique can lead to epidemics if the animal organ has not been analyzed properly before. Nevertheless I trust on doctors and I think that it is almost impossible that happens.

It would be better to transplant people organs instead animal organs because the risk is lower. But the truth is that there are not as many human organs as we need. Therefore to use animal organs is the only solution to save people who need a transplanting as soon as possible.

To sum up, medicine has improved a lot in these latest years and many people are still alive thanks of these medical advances. The main task for a doctor is to save lives and that is the reason why they try to find out the best way to do their job.

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