Are all these paraphrases possible?

Hello teachers,
Would the paraphrases in parentheses be possible for the bold words in the following paragraph?

Yes, it is. It’s perfect for me. The only problem might be (possibly is) the price. How much is it? I’ve got about $1400 now, but it’s payday (the day on which I receive my salary is) soon (in a short period of time from now).

Thanks in advance.

Although the words in parenthesis carry the correct meanings, they should not be directly substituted for the bold words. They are not fluent or concise and sound very awkward.

You would not be making the sentence simpler to understand, you would just be turning it into a much poorer sentence.

Hello Beeesneees,
Thank you for your help. I have no intention of substituting the paraphrases for the original ones. It’s just to explain the meaning to the students and not using inappropriate words for that.