Apprehended and discriminating mind.

…at a fair or market you could not for a moment have doubted that he is a disk jockey, intimate with all the tricks of his trade; yet had you met him on a moor, you would not have apprehended any violence from him.

Can one replace apprehended with comprehend?
Does APPREHENDED here means (understand)?

…any person with an average intelligence, an average ability to concentrate, an open but discriminating mind.

What does the bolden text suppose to mean?


I think it means “feared” or “anticipated”. This is not a very common meaning; to me it feels old-fashioned or literary.* The sentence reads oddly. The mention of “disk jockey” does not seem to fit the style or content of the sentence as a whole. It seems to be a weirdly altered quote from a novel by Walter Scott, the original of which read “horse-jockey”. Where did you find this sentence?

*In fact, … =apprehend calls it “archaic”.

See e.g. … riminating senses 1 and 2.

Thanks, Dozy.
It seems I made that blunder, it was an excerpt which an indian writer used his book I posses to consolidate how to construct good grammer. Yes I misspelt it I am sorry.
By the way. Dozy it’s been long time, is being quite a few days you haven’t attended to this very forum. How are you?

Oh, I see, sorry, it did not look like an ordinary typo or transcription error. I thought it was a deliberate alteration that someone else had made.