Hello all the members of this forum, my name is Jose Molina and I’m from El Salvador but I’ve been living in Spain for about 9 years ago. Well I just want to take advantage of this ocasion to express my apreciation to all those people that are working hard for us to improve our English so keep going ahead because this method really works.

Hi Jose
How are you doing today?
Hey Is that you pet,It’s so cool.

Hello Jose.
I’m new at this website too. But I became member in order to help others improve their skills regarding the English Language.
Feel free to contact if you want, and, hopefuly, I’ll be able to help.

Oh thanks very much Jean Michel, it’s very kind of you; I’m sure you’ll be a big help in my challenge of improving my English.
Regards, Jose.

Thanks my friend for this beautiful little piece of listening.

Hit me up on skype jeanmichellumynus whenever feel like doing it.

Thanks a lot my friend…

Hi everybody:)
Jose, I’m from Poland. I want improve my english too. I heard that writting this language from other countries can be helpful. We can help each others and meet interesting people.

Hello AmigoD, it’s great having you here.
I agree with you, the more people you comunicate with, the more you’ll improve your English; no matter what you do, I mean; you can write, listen to Cds, reading aloud, repiting all the sentences in every excercise you do, everything will help you a lot and of course you can stay in touch with me and I’ll be delighted to help you whatever I can. We can learn a lot each other by meeting more people as you say.
By the way, you are my first Poland friend, that’s very good.
Take care AmigoD.
Jose Molina.

hi there… im having a problem when it comes in speaking English. please help me…

Hi Jose, I’m from S.A. Bolivia. I do speak Spanish, and I live in the States. It’s a great help to communicate with American people just about everyday, even if it’s an small chat. My advise Jose, if you don’t have people to talk with. Try the T.V., but only watched or at least listen as much as you can. I found the T.V. help us a great deal.
You have to practice everyday, in any way you can, read it’s good as well, and writing it does help a great deal. Tell me do you work for American people, or you just want to learn English as a second language? When you know two languages, it’s easy to get jobs, specially if you second language its English. You will find all over the world that people do speak English, maybe not perfect, but they do.
Wish you all the best.


Hello Rosario, I am really delighted by receiving your message, it will help me a lot in this challenge of improving my English; so thanks for your advise and encouragement.
Believe me, I am doing my best in order to learn English in a good way. I do what you suggest me, I work as Primary English Teacher so that’s why I have fallen in love with English, I love it and I like helping other peolpe to improve it. I have spent hours and hours speaking to myself repeating the basic structures out loud, listening, reading, writing, etc.
In Spain there’s a very good method (Vaughan Systems) it really works, I have signed up for some courses and you can’t imagine how they have hepled me.
How long have you been living in the States?
I hope we can stay in touch.


Hi Jose,

I’m very sorry taking such a long time in answering your message. I was not feeling well because I fell on the street and hurt my left hip. What a nasty pain, I’m telling you, it was horrible. But now I’m getting better, taking pain killers (I hate them) but that it’s the only way I can walk and do my chores. So you are an English teacher, no wonder your English sounds good, in fact much better than mine.
You come from El Salvador, it must be a nice country there. I used to have a friend from El Salvador and he was a real cool friend, very sincere, kind of funny which I love to laugh don’t you? I heard that laughing it’s the best remedy for depression, unhappiness, well, you name it. Now that you are a teacher please correct any mistake that you might see in my messages. Don’t be afraid to tell me the truth about my English OK!
Today it’s Saturday, and it’s very cold and it’s snowing here. So not much to do outside, my dog looks at me like saying when are we going out, and I have to talk to him and tell him that it’s snowing. I now it sounds funny to talk to a dog, but most people that have a dog, they do talk to them.
I will watch some good movies, I just love movies, but the good ones. Do you go to the movies much? that is another thing that will help you with your hearing, since you don’t live in the States. But I’m sure that you must have some American friends right? keep in touch with them and talk to them only in English.
Well, my friend Jose. Thank you for your reply, lets keep in contact.



Hi Jose,

Did you get my message that I have send you today if I’m not wrong. I forgot to ask you where in Spain do you live in? I was thinking to take a vacation and go to Spain, I have a lots of relatives in Madrid, Malaga, Torre Molinos. They are very nice. Last time I was there it’s while ago, but they did treat me like a Queens I had a chauffeur at the door of my hotel, and took me for beautiful site seeings.
I hope to hear from you when ever you have time.

Have a nice weekend!


Hi to every one,

If you don’t hear from me it’s because I’m planning to go away for a while. I don’t know exactly for how log.
Jose I haven’t heard from you. I hope you are doing just fine.

That it’s all I want to say, I need a vacation. I haven’t had one in a long time.

Regards from,


Ohhhh!!! dear Rosario I am really, really sorry I haven’t been able to reply your messages; you know I have been on my holidays in El Salvador enjoying my people, scenaries, culture, etc. so that’s the reason why I’ve been a little absent from my computer but I am already in Madrid again, I am also quite a bit exhausted because the most important reason of my trip was the festivities from my hometown, seeing as you are from Bolivia you should know perfectly well what a Native Festitvity means.

I am from a small town called San Sebastián, and every year we celebrate our festivities in honor of our Patron San Sebastián Martir. We have about eight party nights in a row (from the 23rd of January to the 30th) dancing with national cumbia groups and internatonal groups of course, for example: aniceto molina from Colombia, Have you ever heard of him?, Victor Manuel from Puerto Rico (He sings salsa music, I think that you have already heard of him) etc. Do you like dancing tropical music?.
You can imagine that I have had a wonderful time, unfortunately the party has already ended and I have to focus on my job.

You say that my English sounds better than yours, but I don’t think so; you have got a very good level of English and of course I can help you whatever I can but I think you can help me as well, We can help us each other, What do you think?, Shall we?. Ok.
By the way, Do you use English in your work?, living in new york must be easier for you learning this language, even though there are lots of Latin people living there.

I hope you have recovered from your left hip, it’s necessary in order you can dance…lol…
Bolivian people are really cool, I have some friends from that country and they are friendly and funny like most Latin and Central American people, Don’t you think so?

Well my friend I live in Madrid you know it’s a beautiful city with its ancient history, there are lots of beautiful buildings, sights, scenaries, etc.
I will tell you more when you go back from your vacations, If you don’t mind you can write me to my email adress or my facebook Jose Alfaro.
I wish you the best and enjoy your life it’s the only one we have, so take care Rosario.