Applying for Engg. fall-2007. How to find the right UNIVs?

Hi fellow forum members-I wrote my GRE on this August-28th.
Got a score of 1380.770 in quants and 610 in verbal.
I have got 1+ year of experience.
How should I go about in finding the right universities(with adequate funding) to apply to?
Any suggestion is welcome.


I’m also not sure which schools to apply to. I’m taking the test on Sept. 4. I have 2 years of experience in Software - Image Processing to be exact.

I’m planning to apply to Gatech and Columbia, but ain’t sure about others.

It would be nice if some one experienced could help here.


Hey myth

what is your score in GRE?as you given your GRe on 4th Sep …I need some guidance whether i should choose a university first or give GRE…will i be asked for the universities, m looking admission in on the test day?
Please help me how to apply i am preparing these days and want to give GRE in October

Please select atleast 4 universities before giving GRE as GRE score will be reported to these universities free of cost.For additional score reports there is a fee.I gave my GRE on August 08 :-


Toefl IBT -104
I have 1.5 years work ex in a software company

I plan to do M.S in ECE and have selected 7 universities.
Please let me know if there is any admission counsellor in Bangalore.What should I concetrate upon now(SOP or LOR?)