Apology: My name's Peter. I'm from Bulgaria.

Hi all!
My names Peter.Im from Bulgaria.I study in Technical University of Sofia.
Im so sorry I didt sent an answer to your message dear mr.Townend but I was very busy in the last few days.Im sorry.I wanna improve my English because it help me to improve myself as an air engineer.This was my first year as student in Techical University.The material which you mr.Townend sent to me is very useful for me.I wanna you and your coleauges help me improve my skills.I have a bit problem. I will be out of date for two months and wanna excuse me.Ill reseive al your messages on 3th Sep.If its not a problem to you I wanna you continue sending the lessons to my e-mail.When Im here Ill read them and continue improve my English. I ask you uderstend me.Im sorry once again.I`ll wait your answer on my e-mail.

Best regards,Peter

Hello Peter,

Many thanks for joining our forum. It’s great to hear you like our email English course. Yes, you can read your emails any time – just keep them in your inbox and open them as soon as your back home.

I look forward to your next message.
Best regards,

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Hello,dear mr.Torsten!I came back to Bulgaria 3 days ago.I saw all emails you sent to me.Ill read them in few days and Ill do all exercises.Im so glad to see you again in this forum and I want you know that this english course is very useful for me.I appreciate your work at all.Ill do anything possible to improve my English and I feel so good you will help me to do it.Many thanks for everything.
You know,I was in Cyprus this two months,when I was out of date and when I was there I understood my need to improve my English.I understood how important is this for me.I`m happy I can do it using your good course.Many thanks for everything again.See you soon.

Best regards,Peter.