Anything else? and some others. Please help me.

  1. A- anything else?
    B- …
    A.right now
    B.not today,thanks,it isńt
    D.not at all I choose c. But I can’t explain why, please help me to expalin it.

  2. if interest rates are cut ,the economic situation may improve ( reduction)
    =>If there is a reduction in interest rate, tthe economic situation may improve.

  3. On the battle field…
    A.lay the tanks
    B.the tanks lay
    C.lied the tanks
    D.did the tanks lie I choose A. It is a kind of conversion, is it right?

  4. 2 Mary: Would you give this note to Mr Tomlinson, please? - Ross: Sorry, I can’t. He doesn’t ________.
    (A) any more work here
    (B) any longer work here
    © work any more here
    (D) work here any longer I choose D but I am also want to choose C.

  5. You need to clean the house=> the house need to be cleaned/ need cleaning.

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Hello, Tuyet:

I believe that the answer should be B.

Would the following dialogue be helpful?

The sales associate (clerk) at a big store: You have bought a beautiful dress. Do you want to buy anything else today?

Mona: No, I do not want to buy anything else today, thanks.


C would be correct if the option were “work here any more”. The word order is not right for the option C, so D is the right choice. Hope it helps.


[i](a) The house need[b]s[/b] to be cleaned. [/i]  and

[i](b) The house need[b]s[/b] cleaning.[/i]      are correct.

 I may add that (a) is a little formal than (b).  


Many thanks for your helps.

But I am a bit confused that people devided “need” into two cases in passive form: for people and things. “Need +ving for things ang need + be done for people”

Please help me.

Cleaning plays as a noun in the sentence.
I do not think my explanation is good enough for you.
So I’d better let someone else does that favor.

However, I’d like to ask you something :

I need love
I need to be loved.

Can you tell the difference in the pair above ? It’s similar to the sentences that you want to clarify.
If you translate to Vietnamese, you can tell the difference in meaning.
the second emphasize that you need someone to love you. It focuses on the person who loves you.
The first one focuses on the love only.
That’s my opinion.

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Hello, Tuyet:

Mr. Cheng and Foreigner have already given you some helpful ideas. I had never thought about the passive element of “need” before I read your question. So I went to my (beloved) books and found some information that really educated me. I am delighted to share it with you:

  1. This information comes from THE COLUMBIA GUIDE TO STANDARD AMERICAN ENGLISH (1993) by Kenneth G. Wilson (published by Columbia University Press).

a. “She needs help.”
b. She needs TO SEE a dentist.
c. She needs TO BE SEEN by a dentist. (That is a “passive infinitive.”)

d. The lamp needs fixing. (“Fixing” is a gerund and it is the direct object of “needs.”)

  1. LONGMAN ENGLISH GRAMMAR (1988) by L.G. Alexander says:

a. He needs (a lot) of encouraging.

i. It “has a passive meaning here and can be compared to the passive infinitive (‘He needs to be encouraged’).”

  1. PRACTICAL ENGLISH USAGE (1995) by Michael Swan (published by Oxford University Press):

a. Your hair needs cutting. ( = needs to be cut)

Have a nice day,


P.S. Tuyet: Do you have a copy of Mr. Swan’s book? I think that many students (and teachers!) cannot live (just joking!) without that book.
If you do not have a copy, I recommend that you get one: it will answer many questions asked by learners (and native speakers like me!). He writes in a very clear manner, and he does NOT confuse people with grammatical terms.

Many thanks friends and James.

Once more thing please help me. About the book you told: Do you have a file of the book"Mr. Swan’s book" It interests me. If you have, please send it to my email address Please help me.

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Hi Tuyet.

I just sent it to your mailbox for downloading.

I highly recommend you buy it from the bookstore (It’s not expensive). the hard copy has index and It’s easier for looking up the grammar points.

Hello, Tuyet:

[1] It is always a pleasure for us members to do everything that we can for courteous members like you.

[3] The moderator has given you EXCELLENT advice. There are a lot of people on the Internet who are not very nice.

[2] I know almost nothing about computers, so I do not even know what a “file” is. Thanks to the KINDNESS of Mr. Cheng, however, you will receive the information. I agree with Mr. Cheng: that book is WONDERFUL! When you get a copy, you will not sell it even for a million dollars!


I think they bake files into cakes to facilitate prison escapes, like so:

It is now 3:46 a.m. here in Los Angeles.

Thank you for the laugh to start my day!


You’re welcome and have a good day! :slight_smile:

Many thanks Tutors and friends for your useful advice.

I am trying to learn English and want to improve my knowledge related to it. So If teacher and friends know the books that are helpful for me, please give me name of the books and if possible you can send me files of the books. Many thanks all for your kind.

P/s. I am worried about grammatical mistakes, so if you see them, please help me to correct too.