Anyone speak Vietnamese?

Hi there,

My english is very poor, I try all my best but some how I can’t get any better …hic hic …that y i looking for this kind a forum, maybe it help me little bit, but anyone in here speak VietNamese ?

Hi Kieu,
Nice to meet you. I’m a new member. Are you Vietnamese ?


Hi there,

I am Vietnamese, too. Nice to meet you in this tiny forum. I would like to improve my English and I think you have the same thinking as mine.

Anyway, be friend?

me too, nice to meet you!

Hello to all !

I am from Vietnam too. I hav just resistered. I’m 16 and living in An Giang.
Nice to meet you!

Nice to meet everybody here!

VN is my country.
How do i learn English? How can I read your topics if My colection of word that is poor?
You can heplp me for this problem, can you?

Hi every body. I’m from VN too :roll:

Could everybody introduce yourself here?
My name is Quan
An IT engineer, 27 years old
Living in HN

Hi, my name is Thuy, I work for Vietnam Airlines
I live in HN too

Hello everybody!!! My name is Trang. I’m Vietnamese. I also want to improve my English, together we can do it!!!

Hi all !
Let’s me introduce myself. I’m Mai. It’s so glad to meet u on this 4forum. Have a good time and a good English !
If u don’t understand anything, post it here and we can discuss together in English or Vietnamese.
Do u agree with me ?

Nice to meet you, Mai! how long have you been studing English?

Modd is my name . I’m from Thailand. Nice to meet you. I plan to go VN this new year upcoming. Hope someone here give me a favor some suggest to plan my trip. you can reach me at on msn.


Hi everybody!

I am Vienamese, too! I live in Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City. My English is not good so I want to practice more and more, not only speaking skill but also writing and listening skill. Nice to know all of you in this forum!


im vnmese, too

Hi you guys.
Im Vietnamese, too.
Nice to see you guys here.

nice to see you here :smiley: :wink:

Hi, I’m Phuong. Nice to meet you