Anyone seen The Gashole?

Hi, has anyone of you seen the documentary The Gashole? If so, what do you think of it?


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I haven’t seen it, but I’ve just watched the trailer, and I can tell it’s not really a professional production, because there are embarrassing misspellings in the titles. I was also turned off by the fact that the first thing the trailer led off with was the voice of Jimmy Carter, whose oil policies were a notorious disaster. Even his petroleum czar admits that now, from what I’ve read.

I liked the quote in the trailer that said, “What you’re paying for gasoline is not what is costs to make it.” Of course, NOTHING costs the consumer what it costs to make, so why should gasoline? Even if the government made it, the price still wouldn’t reflect the real cost of production, because corruption would be factored into the final price.

Every couple of years there’s a conspiracy theory movie that asserts that there’s a small group of evil oligarchs who sit in a smoke-filled room and plot to ruin life for the little guy. It’s ridiculous.

The last movie I saw like that was “Who Killed the Electric Car?” which is also profoundly stupid. Of course, they trot out some idiot from the Jimmy Carter administration (as they always do). The premise is that General Motors came out with a very good electric car in the 1980s, but then they “mysteriously” stopped consumers from buying it and confiscated them all. Again, you’re supposed to think that some evil oligarchs plotted all this. One question is how the evil oligarchs at GM could have gotten the legal authority to confiscate people’s cars. The answer is that it can’t, and it didn’t.

The truth was that GM had designed and produced a very small number of experimental electric cars, and they let volunteers drive them around for a year or two as part of a research project. When the project was over, GM took back the cars and studied them for later projects. Nobody “killed” the electric car, because it didn’t work that well at the time to begin with. The company continued to develop electrical propulsion systems and now uses the knowledge in their hybrids and the Chevy Volt, which is their first real electric car since then.

I have seen parts of the movie and it looks interesting. I am not one who jumps in with conspiracy theorist but it did make me think more about the subject. Some of it does seem to make sense. I would certainly beware of anyone on either side of the fossil fuel discussion who tries to make you think that the answer is simple.

To Jamie K: you wrote five negative paragraphs about a movie that you haven’t seen. The most you could come up with was misspellings in the title and negative comments about another movie on the same subject. I would suggest that you watch the movie and then comment, but it seems that your mind is already made up.

Please forgive any grammatical or spelling errors that might be in my post.It really is not a reflection of who I am.

To EdG: After you’re experienced enough with eco-conspiracy movies, you don’t need to see the whole thing to know the thrust of the arguments or to judge their credibility. Just the trailer is enough, because the same conspiracies and arguments get trotted out again and again. Basically I’ve seen this movie before but made by someone else – complete with the cricket noises and the editing tricks to make people look evil who are not.

Misspellings in the titles of a movie trailer are indicative of a general sloppiness that can be expected in every aspect of the film.