Anyone can help to review my casual writing for my penpal?

Hi Kelly,

It’s 34 degrees Celsius. it is hotter than yours. I live in HK which is not have snowing in Winter. The weather here is pleasant and mild.Average low and high temperatures are 16°C and 20°C .So I have never seen snow in my life. I’ve plan to go Hokkaidō in Japan for see snowing. However the COVID-19 turn up , it’s affecting my daily life since March till now. We should wear the mask whole day except at home.Wow… your living place is so natural and a lot of greenery. What a relaxing place there! I live in a small flat because of HK is a small areas with a large number of people.

I am a programmer. I used to develop and maintain some websites.Now, I just responsible for testing the bugs , so it is more free than used to.

Kind Regards,


I just sent the above email to my penpal . In order to make my English writing better, so hope someone can reword the sentence so I can get rid of Chinglish anymore.


(Your writing is all right and your English is good. I think the modifications made may have added to its beauty and comprehensibility. All the best!)


Thank you so much :blush:
I am more confident to write in English and do my best next time.


Not at all.
By the way, note that the word (adjective) ‘confident’ takes a gerundial construction, not infinitival. So, your sentence should be: Now I am more confident of writing in English and doing better next time.


Hi, welcome to the forum. There are some mistakes as it was written above. I would use the whole day, not just whole day. And - I am responsible for testing. I advise you to look at some proofreading services UK to help you with your letters. But in general you have good English, I think you will improve it soon