Anyone can help me about grammar ?

I must be speaker on Monday but I worry about grammar anyone can help me examine thank you for advance

Last year , I encountered with a bad situation . It occered in time period before coming Mother day . One day , I got uo in early morning on saturday. I saw a good weather so I thought I want to came back to my home. Later I went to persuaded my brother to back together and my brother accepted me . We agreed that we came back by motorcycle because in this time a lot of people took public transportation.

About 3 Pm. I observed that in the sky had good weather , thus I decided to travel. It had distance approximate about 130 km. from Chiang Mai university till my home . When I rode pass first 50 km . I saw it had rain fall down . I began a little nervous about it because I was being in mountain . I tried to seek for public hall but I did not have luck I could not seek it. Later it fall down heavily . Moreover I felt that my motorcycle shook and I stopped for founding up the problem. I found flat rubber as much as make me could not ride continually. We shook about this happen and must stand side the road among falling rain. It was too bad.

We tried look for helping from other people who drove pass same road with us and hope they would help us . In that time , our clothing and luggage were full with rain water that dall down. Not long time later , Behold ! I talked with my brother immediately when I saw a car which was comimh to reach us. I decided to flap my hand. In first , I thought that he would not stop his car but when he passed us he stop car . I began have hope so I walked toward the car and driver opened mirror . I told him about problem . He figured out our problem . That good good . He tole me that life motorcycle into tray so we did not hesitate and hurried to deal with it

It took about 20 minutes to area where has people living and I saw fix motorcycle house. I told driver who was kind to stop for renew rubber . We told him that thak you very much for his spirit. In this time , rain stopped fall down but the sky began dark . When fixer changed runner already. We started travel again. I rode it slowly and we reach our home safely . It was about 7 pm. This is the bad day for me . Thank you very much for all audience.