Anybody from Iran? My name is Masoomeh

Hi dear members, I have been surprised not to see any Iranian people in this site and I am asking the question to know if there are persons want to prepare for the TOEFL test.

no way if there arn’t any Iranian people , this is a really helpful site for learning English.I am going to introduce the site to my friends too.

Masoomeh, Iran

Hello, Masoomeh-- and welcome to English-test.Net.

No, I am not Iranian, but I do think I have met other Iranian members here before. In any case, we are a very cosmopolitan bunch, and we are happy to have you-- and any of your friends-- join us.

Nice meeting you. I am Aliah.

Hi, Dear Alia
It is nice to meet you too.


Glad to meet you too.

My name is shirin and I am very happy to find you all.

From where are you?

Hello shirin,
It is nice to see Iranian in this site, I hope we could start a friendship.

:smiley: Hello,sure we can do that.

hllo,dear Shirin
you are most welcome, and like the exact meaning of your name I am sure that you are a sweet girl.

Hello and welcome to this web site massomeh!!!

I am sure there are registered users from Iran on this web site. I think I met a few when I joined this web site two years ago…

I also believe that there are many Iranians who use this web site to improve their English as non-registered users… There are probably more non-registered users than registered ones on this web site.

i took part in toefl test on march this year. what do you need?

Hi, I know SepideForoutan is from Iran, I have been making suggestions on her TOEFL practice essays.

Oops, this thread was 6 years old - I guess I am a little late! Xuhui, how did you dig this up?

OMG, Luschen you are right. It has been posted in 2007! I didn’t notice it. Xuhui made this post up-to-date :slight_smile: