Any Simpons fans around?

Hi, are there any other Simpsons fans apart from me on this forum? I’m thinking of using them in my ESL programs. Anyone done this before?


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Hi Torsten
Could you please explain what you want to know?
What do you mean by this:
Simpons fans
Maybe the other members had the same problem and that’s because they didn’t reply yet.
Definitely what you think as a learning coach is correct and will be helpful.
I am not experienced.
Thank you.


I’m a huge Simpsons fan(atic)! My favorite character is the bookish and intelligent Lisa who often feels out of place. I don’t like the German dubbing, though. There is a lot of wordplay going on in their dialogs, and the German dubbing cannot capture them all.

Torsten, do you mean you want to use the Simpsons in your ESL programs, or the Simpsons fans?



since there is the speech about favourites, I can´t imagine one. I mean Kent Brockman, janitor Willie or even the bold Nelson are pretty likeable persons, don´t you think so? I wonder who would enjoy having major Quimbies attitudes :lol:
For a long time watching that comedy had been a must for me. Just imagine the introduction of each single sequel. Bart´s writings at the board…coooooooooool

At least people who like them could have much fun learning English with them.

Just ask Apu.


I’m a big Simpsons fan too and my favorite episode is Dead Putting Society. What’s yours and why?