Any more for any more?

I wonder if my guess that ‘Any more for any more?’ phrase could serve as a kind of substitute for “Any more [suggestions] from any one?’ is correct.

It does not sound like a commonly known/heard phrase. Which is, perhaps, why your post has remained unanswered for a couple of days now.

This expression conjures up in my mind someone using it as a vocal sales pitch in a public market. The seller is asking whether there are any other customers around who want to buy the goods.

***** NOT A TEACHER *****

Hello, Eugene:

May I respectfully suggest that – when you have time – you review the difference between “any one” and “anyone” (at least in American English)?

  1. Are there any more questions from anyone?

  2. Does anyone have any more questions?

  3. Teacher: I have three pencils. Which one do you want?
    Student: It doesn’t matter. You can give me any one that you want.


Thanks everybody.
I came across the original question twice in a day in different sources (never had heard of it before), the context being the same: a person lists things then encourages the audience to think of more.

I followed your advice, James, thanks for preventing me getting rusty.