answer the questions

Hi Mgomez,

We’d say ‘I’d like the exercises very much’.

And we’d say ‘all walks of life’.

Your sentence means that the person has a positive experience with the personal contact of the people since they have many diverse backgrounds.

I hope this helps.

All the best.

Mark -

“I like the exercises very much.” - no ‘would’ in Mgomez’s meaning. :wink:

Yes you are right Beesnees. I don’t know why I put ‘would’ in there. Perhaps it was a typing error. Have a great day.

My fingers often don’t do what my brain intends them to - and sometimes my brain doesn’t do what I intend it to do too.

Are there any grammitical error in this paragraph? does it sound fine?

I think I can help! My religion teaches to ignore insults. There I said it. Now the truth.

I have in the past been in your exact situation. Horribly insulted for no reason and rather confused as to how I should respond. On the one hand, like yourself I thought “surely this person is disturbed and it can’t be a good thing to escalate it”, only to be insulted by who I thought was a friend. Did he want me to cut the guy? Did he want me to shoot him? What exactly did he expect me to do? Sure, I would respond in kind, I’m no trouble maker either, but if he was disturbed, he probably wouldn’t let it go and whatever level of force he chooses, I have to be there also. It seemed like such a minor thing, to be insulted by a stranger (or even a co-worker) when the alternative is keeping up with their level of force and they might be crazy. Sure it would have started with words and punches but you shouldn’t even throw the words if you can’t match him no matter how violent he gets, he might be disturbed after all. And I was quite a bit surprised at the insult in the first place but I was stunned at the insult of my “friend”. I could have struck my “friend” but that would only have made me look weaker by adding childish to the charge of his insult. I would most certainly have been fired on the spot from my job and with that issue to deal with in the future. So like the first guy I let that insult go too. Maybe I can’t help because to be truthful, it still eats at me sometimes. I doubt very much if a reunion between me and my “friend” would be polite for long. I try to remember what I am commanded by my faith to do, but like there, the culture here doesn’t like men who tolerate insults. Even the faithful are pretty hypocritical about it. Maybe men everywhere are wired to be like that, I don’t know. When it bothers me I remind myself of the command and try to figure God’ll take care of them, but if I were truthfully able to do either, it wouldn’t still eating at me. Maybe it helps to say you aren’t the only guy in the world who’s faced that, and in my experience now that I am older, I think guys like my “friend” hadn’t had any hard choices to make.

Makes me feel weak too, even after all these years, even knowing better. I tell myself I did the right thing, but I can hear him in my memory. I shoulda just knocked the taste off his tongue is my thoughts when I think of it, but I still think we did the right thing. I went armed in my younger days, I could have insulted him without regard in that respect. But if it HAD escalated to killing him, what do I say then? “Uh, I thought he was out of his mind so I provoked him into a fight and ultimately killed him?” Trust me, your friend is an idiot. And I get why you didn’t pop him either, that would have looked even worse than beating up the crazy guy (who being crazy, insults would turn to blows). The insult may never leave you, nor perhaps the pain it brings, but you can learn wisdom in pain and hardship, even if it doesn’t make you feel better. I’m guessing your a book child and therefore probably your writings have a similar commandment. That didn’t make me feel better, but recognizing how hard it is, how much words matter, how sometimes we have to be lessened to become greater (after all, most people don’t think the young man who beat up the older man who turned out to be disturbed is very heroic- you almost couldn’t win no matter what you did), how important it is to avoid the sudden flush of anger, and many other things can be learned from the experience. And I guess again that your holy writings has teachings on those things that may make more sense to you now in light of your experience.

to be clear it only bothers me if I think of it and I haven’t thought of it in years. You reminded me and upon this time around, it’s kind of funny. it took a while but it finally has become kind of funny that my friend was such a goof. anyway, I hope my experience helped somehow.