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  1. Is “arranged” better?
  2. Is from “Tokyo earlier” better?

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UNIT 6 At the Airport

Scene 1 – Check-in at the Airport

Saito: I am Saito, the conductor of JATA Tour Group. I’d like to check in the 16-member group for Flight 523 to Narita, Tokyo. These are copies of our e-tickets, passports, and the a list of the group members. A few members prefer aisle seats.
Airline clerk: The 16-member group under the name Ms. Hanako Saito, right? Your seats have already been secured together in one place on the plane by the arrangement from Tokyo prior arrangement with your company in Tokyo, but passengers have to check in one by one or in pairs. Please put the baggage to be checked-in on the scale, and present your passports. Please let us know if you have any preference for the seats, though we may not be able to satisfy everybody.
Saito: We have many elderly members in our group, who may have to use the lavatories quite often. Please give them aisle seats as far as possible. One more question. One of the members wants to continue through to Kansai, Osaka on the same day. Could you make a through check-in arrangement for him?
Airline clerk: Okay, let me see… (Looking at the display) All right, (please tell him) we can send his baggage through to Kansai, but he will have to get off at Narita and go to the transit counter. Please let me see his passport with the copy of his e-ticket, and put the baggage to be checked-in on the scale.
Saito: Okay, thank you. Oh, one more thing. There is a carved wooden doll in this suitcase. It’s wrapped to prevent damage, but just to be safe, would you please put a “fragile” sticker on it?
Airline staff: Sure.

  1. Is “arranged” better?
    ‘Secured’ means ‘obtained’ here, so it is a good word to use.

  2. Is from “Tokyo earlier” better?
    ‘By prior arrangement with your company in Tokyo’ would be best.

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