Another scenes

Hi Teachers,

Thank you all the time for the detailed and patient instructions. Here are another scenes for the new textbook. Could you help me with it again?

  1. Is “us” better?
  2. Is “sandwiches” better for all?
  3. Is “And” necessary?
  4. Is “How soon will they be ready” better?
  5. Is “In half an hour” better?

Many thanks.

  1. “bring us some sandwiches” sounds most natural. Or “bring our members some sandwiches” if Saito is not eating.
  2. yes… unless there is just one of each, in which case it is 'a vegetable sandwich (do you mean salad sandwich?), an Amercian club etc…"
  3. It’s not necessary, but it’s not wrong. it would be ok if spoken, just to show that this is the last activity that you intend to do. Some people will tell you that you shouldn’t start a sentence with ‘and’ so be aware.
  4. Hmm, either is ok. "How long will it take’ refers to the process of getting the rooms ready, “how soon will they be ready” refers to teh rooms themselves, but the meaning is the same and is clear in both questions.
  5. If you have the questions "how long will it take, then ‘up to half an hour’ would fit best. If you ask ‘How soon will they be ready’ then ‘within half an hour is fine’. If you say just ‘half an hour’ then it will take about 30 minutes, if you say up to or within half an hour, you are suggesting that it will take 30 minutes at the most. Both are correct, but the meaning is slightly different.

Thank you very much, Thredder. Your comments reaaly help me understand the details and clarify my doubts.

Hi Beeesneees,

I have a few more questions about this part. Could you help me with it?

  1. Is “-” needed or better between 20 and euro and so on?
  2. Is “No, all in coins please” better?
  3. Is the hotel restaurant is closed" better?
  4. Is “they” better?

Many thanks.

  1. Personally I wouldn’t use a hyphen (-) with euro or cent there, but as neither of those are the standard unit of currency in the UK, I may be wrong not to do so.

  2. Either version is fine.

  3. It gives a clearer reason as to why they cannot eat in the restaurant, so I agree you should change it.

  4. I’d prefer ‘they’, yes. more than one meal.

All in coins please. I’d appreciate it if you could make it with include some one-euro coins and some 50-cent coins in the change.
Please give deliver two servings of the sandwiches and coffee to each double room, and one serving to each single room. (Don’t forget that most hotels have coffee making facilities in the room, so you might want to indicate the difference between that instant coffee and the room service coffee by saying ‘sandwiches and fresh-ground coffee’)

Thank you so much Beeesneees. That’s so clear and convincing to me.

Hi Beeesneees,

Could you please check this part for me?

Many thanks.

I am sorry but I really have no idea why you did this, Jenna4?

Jenna is new to the forum, Philin.

Perhaps she was having a little difficulty working out what to do.

I see. Thank you Beeesneees. And sorry for the misunderstanding Jenna.

Hi Beeesneees,

I am sorry but I would like to repost this part. Could you please check it for me?

Many thanks.

That’s fine.

Thank you so much Beeesneees as always to let me feel so assured.