Another scene

Hi Teachers,

Thank you again for your help. Could you also give me advice for this one?

  1. How about “bags” instead of “pieces of them”?
  2. Should “red tags” be better?
  3. Is “take them off the belt” better?

Many thanks.

  1. ‘Pieces’ is okay - it sounds quite official ( as it would in this context). Bags or cases are fine too, but as some of the luggage may be bags, some holdalls and some suitcases, then finding one term like ‘pieces’ seems sensible.
    However, I would certainly not add ‘of them’ - that phrase should be removed.

  2. Either version is fine.

  3. I think ‘take them off the belt’ is far more realistic, yes.

In addition, Saito’s last line ought to be, “Our local agent should be waiting outside the customs area.”
I don’t think ‘this way’ is needed either. Just ‘Please come with us’ (or ‘please come to meet him with us’)

Thank you so very much again. Your detailed and thoughtful comment is really helpful.

Hi Beeesneees,

Thank you very much for your precious help. I wish the reconfirmation for finalizing those dialogues hasn’t become too much of a burden to you… Could you please check just one more scene for me today?

Many thanks.


Looks okay to me. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!