Another dialogue

Hi Teachers,

Could you please help me again with the succeeding part?

  1. Is “we’ll go and visit” better?
  2. Is “we’ll take” better?
  3. Is “directions” better?
  4. Is “will we go” better?
  5. Is “to visit that famous…” better?

Many thanks.

  1. Is “we’ll go and visit” better?
    Much better. ‘We’ll go to visit’ would be my preference though.
  2. Is “we’ll take” better?
    Much better.
  3. Is “directions” better?
  4. Is “will we go” better?
    It’s fine as it is. ‘Will we be going’ is the best alternative.
  5. Is “to visit that famous…” better?
    [i]No. That wouldn’t make sense. It’s okay as it is. The statue is on the schedule so Saito is checking that they will be visiting it with the phrase ‘let us see it.’

Other corrections in the text:[/i]

Dialogue 2

Saito: Hi, I am Saito, nice to meet you.
Ann: Very nice to meet you too, Ms. Saito, I am Ann Davis.
Saito: I’d like to talk with you roughly briefly about today’s sightseeing tour. (talk with you roughly = speak in a rough manner)
Ann: Sure. According to the itinerary, today we’ll have a three-hour tour. At 11:00 am, they will ring the bell made of Meissen porcelain in the town hall, so we’d better go back to we need to be somewhere near the town hall by then. Therefore, first we b]'ll go to visit [/b]the Bremen Cathedral and stay there for 50 minutes or so. Then we take a walk around Old Town, where there are a lot of artisan shops selling small items of craftworks and so on. So As people may want to shop, it may be a good idea to let everyone act on their own after giving them some directions/suggestions.
Saito: Will you be escorting us inside the Cathedral?
Ann: Of course I will. Personally I’d also like to show our tourists the musuem in the Cathedral. But we aren’t allowed to speak loudly, so I hope nobody will get lost.
Saito: I’ll tell them to get around stay together. By the way, where are we to go after walking around Old Town?
Ann: To the Town Hall. (As this is a particular town hall, then capital letters are required.) As you know, it’s a World Heritage Site.
Saito: That famous statue of the Bremen Town Musicians is also on the schedule. Please be sure to let us see it.
Ann: No problem. The statue is near the Town Hall. Let’s go to the Town Hall right after seeing Old Town. That may should take just about three hours.
Saito: Everything is settled. Now let’s set out!

Thank you so much again, Beeesneees. Everything is now clearer to me and so much better.

Hi Beeesneees,

Could you please check this one for me too?

Many thanks.

As people may want to shop, it may be a good idea to let everyone act on their own after giving them some directions.

  • Although the above is correct, i think ‘explore’ would be a more suitable verb than ‘act’.

Old Town?
If this is the actual name of a place, then it is correct. However if ‘Old Town’ refers to an older area of a town/city, rather than a place name, then it should be ‘the Old Town’ each time it is used.

I see. Thank you so much Beeesneees. I will change them that way and I’d think “the Old Town” refers actually to an older area of a town as you pointed out.