Animal Testing

Animal Testing

In recent years, a myriad of crucial innovations have been emerged in all part of life with technological developments. Health sector has been influenced by these changes profoundly. It can easily be asserted that animal testing is one of the most widespread methods to develop new medicines and advance scientific knowledge. However, there are great controversies over whether animal testing is necessary or not. In this respect, it could not be turn a blind eye that animal testing is so essential in terms of scientific improvement for human being, new discoveries for health of people.

To begin with scientific improvement for human being, it is undeniable fact that, throughout the history, human beings are forced to combat various diseases. And, unfortunately, due to lack of technological developments and scientific improvement, millions of people have died because of incurable diseases. Yet, in today’s world, individuals have sufficient facilities to eradicate these issues thanks to animal testing. As, scientist who try to solve numerous problem related to illness which people suffer from could draw useful conclusions from animal testing.

When it comes to new discoveries for health of people, it is known that some scientists search for a solution so as to handle incurable diseases such as aids at the expense of their all time. However, should we could not make carry out such experienments on animal in order to find a solution, never would we access important informations. In this regard, in the past, many innovations which are considered as impossible by people have been carried out. To illustrate, in previous century, individuals think that tuberculous is the incurable and fatal illness. Nevertheless, some scientists discover that it is not incurable disease with the aid of their experimentations. Eventually, new discoveries could be occured for health of people by animal testing.

On the other hand, some outhorities claim that animal testing is unethical. Nonetheless, they could not find out that people’s health is more essential than animal testing to be regarded as ethical or unethical. While there are numerous unethical events all over the world, we should not deceive ourselves about the issues. For instance, a lot of seals have been killed in because of their skins. If we would react angrily to something, we should react to killing seals in this way.

All in all, taking everything into consideration, scientific improvement for human beings and new discoveries for health of people can be regarded as two of the most crucial benefits of animal testing. And, it can easily be said that animal testing plays a significant role in people’s lives.

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