'and' vs 'or'


I would like to ask about the use of ‘and’ and ‘or’ in negative sentences. Is it absolutely necessary to use ‘no’ in this sentence?

She doesn’t like blues, jazz OR classical music.

Or it’s possible to say:

She doesn’t like blues, jazz AND classical music.

Thanks for your answer in advance.

Yes, it’s possible.

Dear Amy,

Thanks for your quick answer. So it means, it’s always possible to use ‘AND’ in a negative sentence? ‘OR’ is just an extra possiblity?

I don’t like coffee and tea.
I don’t speak German and French.

Both of them are OK like this?


Logically speaking, I would say it’s not possible.

If you liked all of them, you would say

I like ‘blues, jazz and lassical music’

Now, if you didn’t like any of them, your statement would be a negation of the above statement.

I don’t like ‘blues, jazz or classical music’

[color=red][size=100]!(A and B and C) = !A or !B or !C[/size]

I know I got a little carried away :slight_smile: