An interesting notice!

So far I know, birds always sing on the tree branch spontaneously, don’t it?

A true writer always writes from his inner drive, here, he never thinks I have to acquire the ‘Booker prize’! I don’t know whether I am a true writer or not, but it is sure I write from my inner side or at least I try to do, otherwise, I can’t write.

I benignly ask the englishtest authority, did you notice after 241 posting of my writing,
how many writing I have been contributing here without any number?

I am sure a mismanagement just occurred here!

Never mind, I am not claiming all the writings are upper marks as the writing tone may now seem.

As far I know, birds always sing on the tree branch spontaneously, don’t they?

I’m sure no ‘mismanagement’ has occurred. It’s easy to overestimate how many posts have been made.

Did you mean, ‘I am posting something interesting’ (as your title suggests) or did you actually mean ‘I have noticed something interesting’?

Thank you Bev.

It is a good correction-no doubt.


Later, you are clever than I, so it is depend on you, how do you interpret yourself?

Hi Bev,

Again, I like to tell you, Today in the morning, I checked this writing piece by a software
checker, again now, it tells me- no grammar mistake.

But it is not a mistake but a great mistake where this moron checker failed!

Although, sometimes they show much good work as well.Though I told it several months ago in an another writing.

Thank you.

Your grammar checked is flawed.

I can’t answer the question ‘how do you interpret yourself?’ as it doesn’t make sense.

Sorry, I differ with you 80% above regarding grammar checker. I was just expecting this type of derail answer from you, as some teachers are now afraid of severe competition. It is correct, my English writing is not yet up to the good book, but it is much competitive, isn’t it?

It is almost fine. Please do the distorted advice to the first year college students those who are searching the beacon light yet!

Again I am sorry if it sounds harsh.

Thank you very much.

I do not pretend to understand this thread, but if I may correct a typo, it should be “So/As far as I know…”


I’m glad I am not alone in being mystified by this ‘conversation’. It has the look and sense in more ways than one of a painting by Salvador Dali.


So far, you have posted 245 messages on/to our forum.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: The receptionist[YSaerTTEW443543]

I really like the “I differ with you 80% on how well the grammar checker works” I may have to start using that. Sometimes posts like these are almost like poetry.

Kind of makes you think. Maybe many prominent English poets started out as ESL learners.

ESL learners also tend to have more of a “blank slate”’ with less pre-conceived notions of what phrases and structures are “allowed”, which lets them make a lot of mistakes of course, but sometimes results in a totally unique flash of brilliance in the turn of a phrase or the statement of an idea.

What’s your favorite flavor of pie?

Pie flavor!


Also this blank slate you’re referring to lets me understand better what non-native speakers write, especially where native speakers would be at a loss.
We’re almost free from these pre-conceived notions, our minds are more pliable so to speak.
But as you say, it does us a disservice in that we’re more liable to make silly mistakes, the kind that you would never make.

ESL speakers contribute to enriching the English language with phrases like ‘long time no see’ or ‘fully booked’ ;-)[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: Freezing conditions[YSaerTTEW443543]

That was a verse from The Simpsons.
Homer likes to eat pie an awful lot.
I just found this verse funny.


I am not a poet or a painter, rather I am an essay writer(more practical) and Lawyer. What you preach cunning ways, we always handle them in the learned court!

I will show you more if needed.
only one from a respected native grammarians. sorry I paste here word copy
from-what do you want to talk about? I apologies to him(Mr. Micheal) if I do wrong.

Helpful suggestions #25 (permalink) Sat Jan 14, 2012 11:30 am Helpful suggestions Post Reply Reply with quote
"Hi Minhajguazi,

I think the software checking English grammar is very useful, handy, saves time and makes easier for people to do quick English grammar check.
I do not understand your second question.

In my view English usage reference books are indispensable for users of English in addition to other aids for various aspects of English.

English usage reference books help people avoid making mistakes in English. In such books learners and other users of English can find answers to their questions about proper English usage. I believe the following English usage reference books are comprehensive and very helpful:

  1. Longman Guide to English Usage.
  2. Practical English Usage (Michael Swan).
  3. An A-Z of English Grammar and Usage.
  4. The Cambridge Guide to English Usage.
  5. Collins Cobuild English Usage.
  6. Fowler’s Modern English Usage.

Be sure to read the descriptions of these books (how useful they are) on

The book titled Better English by Norman Lewis provides some good suggestions for learning English but there are other important tips and advice for learning and teaching English. I’ve explored a lot of websites with advice and tips for learning and teaching English. I’ve listed those most useful websites here in my post “Resources for English learning and teaching advice”.

Dear Minhajguazi,

Where and how have you learned this style? I think your sense of humour is absolutely unique. Take for example this phrase: “What you preach cunning ways, we always handle them in the learned court!” I would call it ‘ESL essay art’.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: Harvest time[YSaerTTEW443543]

Hi Torsten!

So far, I understand you are not joking with me, and neither am I. I am going to elaborate the explaining in near future if you permit.

By this time, please be informed,I don’t like any lire. Yes, in management ground,sometimes you have to tell some colorful talking, but it should have more limitation. I came out with Marketing in my graduation subject, but I differ with many points in my subjects.If I were(had) an English literature subject, I would be a saint and that should be.

My tendency is to pull out the truth not to Market myself here.