An important discovery


Speaking of physical discovery, the idea of ‘’gravity’’ will definitely show up in many people’s mind. It is said that hundreds of years ago, when a scientific and mathematical genius- Issac Newton was in Cambridge University, something happened that spurs him to discover the important theory. When Newton was eating an apple, studying under an lush apple tree; suddenly, a stream of breeze blew by, an apple fell down and hit right on his head. ‘’Ouch!’’ said Newton. Holding an apple in his hand, Newton started to be curious about why the apple drops instead of drifting in the air. After years of research, Newton suggested the theory of gravity, which is an essential discovery that affect a multitude of scientific researches afterwards.

Hundreds of years after Newton’s study, human got to have chances to go outer space. People then found out that astronauts in the space lives under the environment without gravity, which is very inconvenient. When they want to take a shower in such occasion. Water dews drift in the air, so the astronauts have to try their best to wet their hair as to finish the cleaning. Which is a subtle and very easy action to do under the land with gravity. Also, without gravity, those agents work outer space usually encounter some difficulties such as they have to attach themselves to the sleeping bag fixed on the spaceship for the sake of floating in the room and bumping around. It is after people’s myriad experiences without gravity that we understand the importance of ‘’gravity,’’ which is the most significant discovery in the seventeenth century.


Wonderful essay and a proof for the proverb: soft bops on the head raises the capacity of minds :smile:
sorry, it is a german proverb. I have no clue how it is expressed in english.


Hi, I agree that your essay is very good. As an engineer though, let me state a clarification. The gravity in “outer space” where astronauts work, which is not so “outer”, since they are only a few hundred miles above the Earth’s surface, is not that much less than gravity here on the ground. The reason the astronauts are floating is because the apparent gravity is zero. The astronauts are falling and experience the exact same lack of gravity that we feel when we go on a roller coaster or ride an airplane that descends rapidly. Their feeling of weightlessness just lasts longer because they are in a continuous state of free fall as they orbit the Earth. I just wanted to clarify that because it is a widespread misconception that the astronauts float because they are so far away from Earth and out of Earth’s gravitational field. Here are some more English-oriented suggestions: