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Pets should be treated like family members.

I know people that consider their pets a part of their families. I strongly agree with that stance towards the animals we have in our homes. For me, treating a pet like a family member is a good lesson in responsibility. In addition, this attitude makes the animals we possess feel happier, and guarantees their being satisfied with our care.

We should treat pets like members of our families, because the animals that we take care of give us lessons in responsibility. One knows (YOU KNOW) that there is somebody but himself (APART FROM YOURSELF) to look after. Thus we learn how to look after our future families. In addition, pets teach us qualities like patience and understanding.

People should consider his pet (THEIR PETS AS) a family member, as the animal they possess (OWN) will feel happier this way. Pets like cats and dogs are aware of the attitude their master has towards them. They feel better when they are paid more attention. Plus, (IN ADDITION) when you think of your cat as of some (ONE) of your relatives you will never dare to torture it.

Pets should be granted (PAID THE ATTENTION) with the attention that we bestow to our families, and thus their health will be benefited (BENEFIT). One (YOU) will never dare to leave his (YOUR) dog hungry if he accepts it as a part of the home. Many people ignore the animals they have at home. However, pets need care, nutrition, and attention. I think that it is not right to buy a living being that will depend on you, and make it suffer because of your lack of responsibility.

The people that I know think that pets should be treated like family members. I agree with them. Not only is that good for the animals’ health and mood, but also it teaches us responsibility.

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