An article is a tricky fruit

[color=indigo]What’s your favourite fruit?

A) My favourite fruit is [color=blue]an orange. OR It’s [color=blue]an orange.
B) My favourite fruit is color=blueorange. OR It’s color=blue orange.

Which is right A or B?



My favourite fruit is the orange.

It is an orange.

Ok, thank you, Milanya!

Just making things more precise:

Q: [color=indigo]What’s your favourite fruit?
A: My favourite fruit is [color=blue]the orange.

Q: [color=indigo]What’s your favourite fruit?
A: It’s [color=blue]an orange. [color=brown]OR It’s [color=blue]the orange. [color=indigo](in this very context)

which one is correct?

I require an NOC from him

I require a NOC from him

In this context the is correct.
When a noun refers to a particular class or group, or a specific member of a class or group, the can be used to modify both correctly.
Example 1:
Erik Erikson studied the development and growth of the human being.
In this case we are referring to the class of human beings.

It depends on how you pronounce NOC.

As a word: I require a NOC (noc) from him.

Or as separate letters. I require an NOC (N.O.C.) from him.

Milanya, thank you for your helpful explanations.
I see now how hard it can be sometimes to make the way through the bushy forest of articles :slight_smile:

Please explain the difference

You know how much is she earning?

You know how much she is earning?


This is a separate question and not related to the articles.

Both are wrong. This would have to be: Do you know how much she is earning?


Thanks for the help, Alan. Just one last question. How would your proposed answer be different from the following?

Do you know how much is she earning?

Hello Ahussain, Nice to meet you.

‘Do you know how much is she earning?’ is grammatically incorrect because it’s an indirect question(a.k.a. a question within a question). In such structure, the following clause usually have normal word order.(i.e. …how much she is earning). Hope this helps. That’s what I learned from our dear teachers.

Please correct me if you find any mistakes in my message. Thank you.

Thanks a lot infinity.
But I am still somewhat confused.

Going by what you suggested the following sentence should be incorrect.

“who the hell am I?”

It should be

“Who the hell I am?”

Please clarify

Thanks once again


In a direct question the verb and subject change places as in: I am becomes am I?


Dear friend,

I think your sentence should be ‘who am I’. By adding ‘the hell’, the author tended to make it sounds rudely or angrily, but that doesn’t affect the sentence structure.

These are direct questions:
Who are you?
What’s your name?
Where are you from?

In this case, you should use interrogative word order.

Sentence like below are indirect questions:

Do you know how much she is earning?
Do you know who he is?

Do you know is the introductory question, the introductory question will have interrogative word order.

The sentences in italic are following clause and have normal word order.

I hope I will make it clear to you. :slight_smile:

Thanks Alan and Infinity. I’ve understood now

Just to confirm things up. Are the following sentences correct?

How much are you earning?

How much is she earning?

Do you how much she is earning?

The following sentence would be incorrect in all circumstances. Can it be correct in a certain situation?

“Do you know how much is she earning?”