An act of walking around going on a tour?

The British Library is one of the world’s greatest libraries.There are 150 million items in the library, in almost every known language. There are historical documents like Magna Carta(1215) and the first Times newspaper(1788). The oldest material dates from 300BC.But you can also find up-to-date information about business and industry.The library has 8 million stamps and 4 million maps.Sound recordings from the 19th century are now on CDs and DVDs.There are original handwritten manuscript of books by famous British writers like Jane Austen.The books are kept on 625 kms of shelves;12kms are added every year.

Every year,nearly 500,000 people visit the reading rooms.Researchers need permission to use the books,but some parts of the museum are open to visitors.You can go on a tour of those areas,see exhibitions and special events and buy books in the bookshop.From your country,you can visit the library’s website;each year , 6 million people search the catalogues and other information on their computer.

Find words in the text which mean the following:
-An act of walking around
going on a tour???

-Complete lisits of items???


-The most recent

Yes, and ‘catalogues’.

can you give me the meaning of “catalogues”
Is it verb here?

You can find the answer to your question within seconds by googling the word ‘catalogue’. Here is what you will find: A list or enumeration of names, or articles arranged methodically, often in alphabetical order; as, a catalogue of the students of a college, or of books, or of the stars.

‘Catalogue’ can also be verb but now it’s up to you to google the word yourself so you can read the definition.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC short conversations: Two employees talk about the transfer of one of their co-workers[YSaerTTEW443543]

thanks a lot

can I ask you many questions:

correct the verbs in brackets:

Rami: How long…(you be) in the touring business?
have you been
Hani:Oh;Quite a long time.I(start)…15 years ago and I (still run)… .
started - am still running???
Rami:What is it that(you like)…about your job?
do you like
Hani: So far it (provide)…me with the opportunity to see the world.

Are my answers correct or no and why?

Thanks a lot

Yes, you can ask us many questions!

Your first 3 verbs are correct, but:

I am still running it.
What is it that you like about your job?
So far it has provided me…