Amoral versus Immoral


What is the difference between ‘amoral’ and ‘immoral’?

Many thanks.

Ouch, this is a hard one.

Amoral as I understand it is not having any moral or immoral values,

while immoral means to deliberately violating accepted rules.

I hope that makes sense.

So, you are amoral by default, but you are not immoral by default?

Well, I guess you could put it this way.

But I think being amoral depends on many things. If you are brought up without any rules, does it mean you are amoral by default?

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“Amoral” and “immoral” are fundamentally different. We use the adjective “amoral” for somebody who has complete disbelief in any sort of morality or ethical code, but does not necessarily oppose its ideology, while “immoral” is used for someone who does not accept moral principles and directly opposes morality.
Strictly speaking, it is advisable to determine first how that someone sees morality before we can tag him/her as either “amoral” or “immoral,” although I doubt if people will still spend time determining it. :frowning:

I hope that helps.

It does. Thank you very much! There’s a clear distinction now. :wink: