American Dream.

The American Dream is to make a fortune from nothing.

Harry, usually when Americans talk about the American dream, it doesn’t mean making a fortune from nothing, but to work hard enough that you’ve got your own house, a yard, a family, a car or two, enough money to be comfortable, and nobody bothering you too much.

When I lived in the former Soviet Bloc, I noticed that people confuse this idea with the images of the Robber Barons from the days of laissez faire capitalism. By the American dream, we don’t usually mean becoming an oligarch, although that’s how many Russians and some residents of former communist countries still misunderstand it. It was really hard to make some of them understand capitalist values as most Americans understand them.

Most people leave their Countries and move to the US to earn money… They don’t really like this Country ,they just want to earn money…
I would never agreed to live in the US and I don’t think they’re right ,when moving to there to clean Toilets ,work as a dustmen…
I think US Government has to do something with Illegals in This Country…

Nowadays lots of Chinese people come to my Country to earn money,they’re glad to work for almost nothing ,but I’m not glad at all,I want them back to their Countries…

Where in the former Soviet Bloc have you lived? Do you think working hard one can become rich in the USA? I think he can imorove his living conditions but he can never become rich even if he works seven days a week. It doesn’t matter where you live you can become rich if you find yourself in a suitable situation when money comes to you. I just want to say that you get a chance to earn lots of money and you realise that it’s your chance and you don’t miss it.

You can’t become rich in the US just by working hard, but becoming rich is not all luck. It’s been demonstrated that in the US you can become rich by working hard, saving 10% to 15% of your income and putting it into investments that generate passive income themselves. In other words, you have to be frugal and put your savings into stocks, bonds, savings accounts and businesses that provide income that you don’t have to work for. Over a period of decades, this makes a person rich. Even some mentally retarded people have become rich this way.

It’s not possible to do this in some other countries, because the securities markets are too badly regulated, or because racketeers will find a way to separate you from your money.

I think you can only become rich if you help other people solve their problems and make their lives better. This principle is universal and works in any country. However, the US provide much better conditions for somebody who wants to be of service and create value for others than most other countries.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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People don’t like buying products from an a**hole – sounds simplistic, but it’s generally true.

It behooves a businessperson (or prospective businessperson) to be good to customers and stakeholders: sell a good product at a fair price (therein providing value); employ people in decent jobs with fair pay; and provide a solid investment opportunity for investors.