America or Britain?


Dear Brainy, What do you think yourself, which is better: studying English in the US, Canada (America) or Great Britain? What about studying English in Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or even on Malta?
I think you can learn English anywhere as long as you communicate and interact with people in English.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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sorry…I wasnt clear.What I ment is that which is better:studying English in an [color=red]American university or in [color=red]a British one.I hope that everybody shares his openion because it is important for me.I will really appreciate it.

Hello Brainy. As for me, I’d like to study English in England. This country is its motherland. By the way, I agree with Torsten. In my opinion, he is absolutaly right. We can study English anywhere. :slight_smile:

I think it depends on what you need the English language for in your future. For example I will work in a American company I would try to learn English in the US. But if it is not nessecary where I learn I would look which school or university is the best for me. What do they offer and what doo I prefer?

I agree with Torsten that it is not the point where I learn. I think the point is what I learn and where I can learn it best.

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Or how about Gibraltar :slight_smile: , also called ‘the Rock’ (‘el Pe??n’, in Spanish), Gib, the Meeting Place of Continents and, originally, Jabal al Tarek?

Besides, hearing British people speak Spanish with an authentic Andalusian accent is enough of an attraction and quite incongruous somehow! Gibraltarians also use a very particular Spanglish called ‘Llanito’ (spelt yanito), although their official language is English.

if you think about university, then maybe Australia or
New Zealand people are really great there and you may have your best time, they are even cheaper than Europa
and States, more safe , easier to find job a side.
I will at least go to study abroad to Australia - Sydney
from people who have tried just few return back after school
It means there is still space and is not so bad no bad at all

Everything depends on which university you choose. A good university in any country is better than a bad university in any country.

The type of English you learn at the university does not matter, because most people in the English-speaking countries all over the world don’t care which type you speak. When you go from country to country, you’ll have to adapt your English a little bit anyway, and many native English speakers use a mix. Besides, unless you are very exceptional, you’ll probably never have a British or American accent anyway. You’ll have the accent of your own nationality.

If I had the choice to make that you do, I’d just choose a place I’m interested in, and then I’d go to a good university there. Or you should go to the best university that makes an offer, no matter where it is.

However, if you learn English in the UK and then work at an American company, you will quickly find out that the Americans don’t care that you speak British-influenced English.

Olya, the fact that England is the “motherland” of the English language makes absolutely no difference, because the ORIGINAL English is not spoken anywhere on Earth anymore. In fact, nobody has spoken it for many hundreds of years.

Here is some of the original English. Can you understand it? If you understand it, you’re amazing, because hardly anybody in England can.

It’s the Our Father! The sentence that helped me guess is: and forgyf us ure gyltas. Hasn’t the language changed incredibly over the centuries?