America and terrorists?

I’ve read this deep article on the internet , and I think that courageous author has told many hidden facts .

what’s your opinion ??

Published on Tuesday, August 1, 2006 by
Bush’s Enemy du Jour
by Marjorie Cohn

American television broadcasts, replete with images of dead and wounded civilians, and buildings reduced to rubble in Lebanon, are accompanied by voiceovers supporting Israel’s right to “self-defense.”
The word “Hezbollah” is seldom mentioned in a sentence unaccompanied by the word “terrorist.”

Commentators speculate on whether al Qaeda or Hezbollah is a worse terrorist threat to the United States. Richard L. Armitage, Deputy Secretary of State during Bush’s first term, has said Hezbollah might be “the A-team of terrorists,” and that “Al Qaeda is actually the B-team.”

Former CIA agent Robert Baer admits there is no evidence Hezbollah is operating in the United States. But in response to questioning by a “fair and balanced” Fox News anchor, Baer speculates that Hezbollah “could” attack on US soil.

Hezbollah is George W. Bush’s enemy du jour.

Although suspected of complicity in the 1985 hijacking of a TWA jet, Hezbollah denies ever attacking anyone outside of Lebanon and Israel. The group, which comprises the Shiite brand of Islam, doesn’t even attack other sects inside Lebanon. Its leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah claims Hezbollah is “like Jesus,” citing the group’s 2000 action in Lebanon, where Hezbollah did not take vengeance within Lebanon.

There is overwhelming support for Hezbollah in Lebanon. According to a poll by the Beirut Center for Research and Information, 87 percent of Lebanese support Hezbollah’s fight with Israel. The level of support for Hezbollah is high among non-Shiite communities. Eighty percent of Christians, 80 percent of Druze and 89 percent of Sunnis polled support Hezbollah.

These numbers are likely to rise in the wake of Israel’s bombing of Qana Sunday, which killed over 60 civilians, mostly children. Thousands in the Middle East have taken to the streets, outraged at the carnage.

Unlike Osama bin Laden, who targets pro-Western Arab countries, Nasrallah tells Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan to just stay neutral in this conflict.

In a televised speech on Saturday, Nasrallah said, “The Israelis are ready to halt aggression because they are afraid of the unknown. The one pushing for the continuation of the aggression is the US administration. Israel has been exposed as a slave of the US.”

Noam Chomsky says we should always call it the “American-Israeli destruction of Lebanon.” Although he thinks Israel started with proportional force as in the past, the US began pushing its one-sided view of the conflict at the G8 summit. Bush reportedly told Israel: you can’t stop now; you’re acting for all of us.

That was a green light for Israel, acting on orders from the United States.

If not, why is so much attention focused on Condoleezza Rice’s every move? Because her boss is in charge of this war.

While the rest of the world calls for an immediate ceasefire, Bush-Rice’s excuses just don’t wash. They blame Iran and Syria. They say they want a “sustainable” ceasefire - to build “a New Middle East.”

Bush started his dangerous folly in another Middle Eastern country - the former “central war on terror:” Iraq.

Bush has created such a disaster there that many Iraqis who hated Saddam Hussein wish he were still in power.

According to a United Nations report, 14,338 civilians died violently in Iraq in the first six months of this year. That tally is based on figures from the Iraqi Ministry of Health and Baghdad’s central morgue.

An average of more than 100 Iraqi civilians were killed per day last month, the UN reported. The overwhelming majority of the casualties in recent months took place in Baghdad.

The report said, “Civilians are reported to be severely affected by heavy MNF [Multi-National Force] bombing.”

Samuel W. Bodman, the US energy secretary, must’ve had his rosy-colored glasses on when he recently met with Iraq’s oil and electricity ministers in Baghdad. “The situation seems far more stable than when I was here two or three years ago. The security seems better, people are more relaxed. There is an optimism, at least among the people I talked to,” he said cheerfully.

Of course, Bodman gave his interview from the heavily fortified Green Zone, the only place in Iraq other than the Kurdish north that has any security at all.

“Killings, kidnappings and torture remain widespread” in Iraq, according to the UN report.

“In some Baghdad neighborhoods, women are now prevented from going to the markets alone,” the report says. Attorney Nadia Keilani told an audience at a recent San Diego teach-in that if a woman leaves her house with her head uncovered, she is often stopped and her head shaved as a warning. The next time, she is beheaded.

Keilani’s 26-year-old cousin leaves her home in Iraq only three times a month. She spends her days looking through a peephole. “She is a prisoner in her own home,” Keilani said.

Homosexuals are “increasingly threatened and extra-judicially executed by militias and ‘death squads’ because of their sexual orientation,” the UN reported.

“Attacks against teachers, university professors and students as well as extremists inside universities resulted in numerous deaths and an increasing number of academics and intellectuals leaving the country,” the UN found.

Eighty-four percent of the colleges have been destroyed, Keilani noted.

Kidnappings proliferate, according to the UN. Many hostages are killed even after the ransom is paid.

The “extent of the violence in areas” other than the Kurdish region “is such that likely every child, to some degree, has been exposed to it,” the UN report says.

Sunday’s New York Times reported: “Iraq’s anemic investigative agencies have been ill-equipped to keep up with soaring crime, so for families seeking information, the morgues have often provided the only certainty.”

Yet people who go to the morgue to retrieve their loves ones are often kidnapped and killed if their identity card says Sunni instead of Shiite.

Things are going so badly in Iraq that the tours of 4,000 US soldiers who had been slated to leave have been extended for up to four months.

Iraq’s leaders elected under occupation with Bush’s blessing are refusing to toe the line. Mahmoud al-Mashhadani, speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, called the US invasion of Iraq “the work of butchers.” He said the US government wanted Iraq “to stay under the American boot.”

“Leave us to solve our problems,” al-Mashhadani declared. “We don’t need an agenda from outside.”

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is caught between Iraq and the Bush place.

At a Washington news conference last week, al-Maliki criticized Israel’s air strikes in Lebanon and urged an immediate ceasefire “to stop the killing and the destruction.”

A resolution of the Iraqi parliament had called Israel’s attacks “criminal aggression.”

In an attempt to appear more pro-Israel than the Republicans, twenty congressional Democrats called for the cancellation of al-Maliki’s address to a joint session of Congress because he wouldn’t condemn Hezbollah.

Al-Maliki addressed Congress as planned, but forgot to mention the war on Lebanon for some reason.

An influential Iraqi Shiite cleric, Sheik Aws Khafaji, called al-Maliki’s visit to Washington a betrayal of Islam and a humiliation to the Iraqi people. “What forced you to eat with the occupiers?”, Khafaji asked. “Is that your reward? You know more than anybody else that the car bombings, terrorism, explosions and bloodletting in Iraq are under the protection of the Zionist-American plans.”

Yesterday, Bush said “the status quo in the Middle East” led to the 9/11 deaths.

He’s right, but for the wrong reasons. It was not Iraq, Hezbollah, Iran or Syria that perpetrated the September 11 attacks. It was al Qaeda. What was Osama bin Laden so upset about? US-UN sanctions against the people of Iraq, US bases in Saudi Arabia, and US-Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians.

Marjorie Cohn is a professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, president-elect of the National Lawyers Guild, and the US representative to the executive committee of the American Association of Jurists.


Herc, an American author doesn’t have to be courageous to write something like this, because nothing happens to the author if he does.

Personally, I automatically do not trust any author who quotes Noam Chomsky, whose conspiracy theories border on the psychotic sometimes, and who is frequently very wrong, but is seldom criticized for it. I’m fine with reading opinions I disagree with, but Chomsky is deliberately dishonest.

Here’s an article for you to read:
The Middle East conflict is hard to solve but easy to explain

And please go to this web page:, then watch video number 964, and explain to me why children in Lebanon are taught this kind of thing on TV.

Here is an interesting video about how Palestinian and Hezbollah fighters use UN and Red Cross ambulances to transport bombs and terrorists, and use them to create false news reports. … for-jihad/

If you can’t get video on your computer, here is the text version. … for_terror

Unfortunately , I won’t answer you ,and do you know why ??
Not because you are so smart or you have answered the right answer …


because I have the answer , and be sure it’ll be the true answer …
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Who’s going to remove your links? As a moderator, I can remove your links myself, but notice that I haven’t done it. If I had wanted to, I’d have done it by now. We don’t operate that way in my country. However, I do know that where you come from they deal with dissent differently. I have seen the videos.

I assume you don’t have an answer that would sound sane to people outside the Middle East. You would just dig yourself into a deeper hole. If you do have a sane-sounding answer, why not post it?

You ask me Who’s going to remove my links ??

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Hercules, I am looking at the thread right now, and all of your links are there. Everything you and I have posted since the beginning of the thread is still there. Our words, the links, everything is still there. No one has removed any links. I don’t know why you can’t see them, but in America they are all still visible.

I was in Laatakia I used to work on line there it was something like six years ago, we need to be caution
that time; the port master was same person as the pilot and the agent.
He accepted only the finest whisky as a suvenir.
And everybody was waitng for his fat ass to be moving before you could do anything.
He got mad when his poor hard to understand German was just ignored and we answered in English.
Silly primitiv creature educated in East Germany with some awfull habits to make show - offs any time.
What I remeber was instant checking if we won’t get stowaways and a strange fashion for leather jackets.
Workers were in some raggs but any oficial had a leather jacket.
Town was poor and with some street propaganda.
People used to come and ask for cigarretes but not so much as in others Arab port.They were more proud and like more military orientated ??
They were kind but it was something in common with sick
times of my own country- gloomy hopeless 80’s.

Hercules You will see a lot in your life a lot of more then today, but for now remember
America is a Industrial - Culture Giant.
They need even to know
what you are talking about.
they have their dates, mortgages, slim diets, Holywood,etc
If some of them read anything about Syria they do this because they are bored.

They like to keep Osama alife because they need him alife,
to take war abroad and engage “enemy” on foreign soil was
simply smart.
Instead of their own kids and women would die some of their soldiers and now even not them anymore (mostly alliant Arab).

I am sorry for You because Your country is really worth something better then just a regime government.
Hope, You would have a chance to see with Your eyes
Don’t hate yourself so much and trust a little others.
You have a lot of right but this has nothing to do with
the real truth.
The world is just so complicated
If we meet each other keeping Kalaschnikow in our hands
would mean just how stupid we were nothing else.

Jan, your opinions on the United States have to be taken with a bit of skepticism. If I’m not mistaken, the communist government of your land let you leave the country and travel all over the world, including to Western countries. People had to have special “qualifications” to be allowed to do that, and your opinions of my country and my people are typical of people with those “qualifications”.

There are plenty of distracted, uninformed people in Central Europe even now that they can get information from the outside and even leave their countries. I found people who think that Miami is in Brazil, and who think that Los Angeles is where New York is or vice versa. I was told by a native of Central Europe that Munich is on the northern coast of Germany across the Danube from Hamburg. I have met Central Europeans who think that Americans don’t drink beer, because in the Karl May novels the cowboys always drank whiskey. I have had a visitor from Central Europe who was surprised and disappointed to find out she didn’t see Indians walking around the way she imagined she would. We told her where the Indians lived in my state, but we had to warn her that they dress just like other Americans and that they are rich from running casinos. There are also many Central Europeans who seem unable to tell the difference between America and Los Angeles.

There are equally ignorant people in the Middle East. A couple of them expressed shock to me the other day when they found out that the Old Testament of the Bible was written in Hebrew (i.e., the language of the Jews). They didn’t know the difference between Chaldean, Catholic and Orthodox, even though they had grown up in the same city with thousands of Chaldeans, almost all of whom are Catholic. Many Arabic men come to the US and believe that all you have to do if you want to sleep with any American girl is to walk up and ask her. When they try this, and the girl says no (as almost all of them will), the Arab gets personally insulted, as if he were somehow being discriminated against.

Much sicker than that, a lot of Arabs believe that phony book that was written in Russia and used in Nazi Germany, called “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, and they really believe that Jews murder Muslim and Christian children and use the blood to make their Passover meals. They even made a TV show about it! Go to and watch video number 895. It’s very sick.

The problems in the Middle East are not caused by the US or Israel, but by a Muslim ideology that believes that all non-Muslims have a choice of converting to Islam, living under Muslim subjugation, or being killed. They’ve got demagogues whipping them up in this, and the innocent people in that region are suffering. It’s not anything new, either. That’s how Islam was spread even during its early history.

I’m surpised you think the way you do about the current situation in Lebanon, considering how Hezbollah deals with Israel similarly to the way the Nazis dealt with Poland.

Aren’t there enough wars out there as it is? Isn’t this supposed to be a friendly site, where we try to learn from each other in a constructive, fun and culturally creative manner?

It’s one thing to be provocative in an effort to elicit some kind of dialogue or reaction, but it’s another altogether to be downright and shockingly offensive.

Verbal abuse is extremely hurtful and should never be tolerated, in this site or anywhere, if you ask me.

you are a good visionary :lol: :lol:

First of all , I adore my country and every bit of Syria’s sands ,and I wish I would kiss them , and you must know that I’m so proud when I hear the name of my country and see my great flying flag, and of course not just Syria , all Arabs and Muslims countries …
but I think that before you said any words about any country , you must tell us what is your " great " country , because you should be proud when you read or hear the name of it , but unfortunately , I don’t think that , and your location is Sea ,So, are you shy to tell us what is your location ?? or are you a fish ???
I suggest you to pick your location and country , and “then” we can have a “decent” discussion.
by the way , look at Mr (k), he didn’t care to say where he is from !!! , even though he and most of " free minds" know that the government of USA is the head of terrorism in the world ,and the head of killing and kidnapping , and head of desolation in the world , and the head of racial discrimination or colder discrimination and the first country which produces murderous weapons, but, he never be shy about that ??? So , you can do that Jan … “SIMPLY”

Here , in Syria , we own that we are a developing country, and we need many steps to be " a giant country , and we are sure we can do that " so, we are working hard to that aim …

You said that …

Do you mean that about American culture
this is the last person who survives after "bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan , more than 300000 person was murdered …

there are a lot and a lot of "American culture "

and Do you mean that about American Industrial .
they want to occupy the world …

I’m thanking Allah , because I have that chance to see everything , but you need with your eyes for a pair of eyeglasses to see the perfect image…

Note: I don’t think the small fish or “salmon” can swim well when it meets any whales or sharks are swimming around it … so be careful


I’m sorry Conchita …

But I have to answer them and give them the truth …


Hey …(K)

you need to read some of Islamic ideology before you say any wrong and lies about Islam…
I’m very shocked and surprised when someone doesn’t know anything or maybe he knows some informations about a matter , then he said that I know everything" lol "
…Could you tell me why you like do that (k)? you can ask me or anyone here to give you that … man …
this information for you and for all members here :
"Islam is not a new religion, but the same truth that God revealed through all His prophets to every people. For a fifth of the world’s population, Islam is both a religion and a complete way of life. Muslims follow a religion of peace, mercy, and forgiveness, and the majority has nothing to do with the extremely grave events, which have come to be associated with their faith. "

Explore & discover , Do you want to know about ISLAM ?
Please Visit: and this for women


[size=150][color=red]Some questions for you “(k)” :[/size]

If anyone attacked you at your house , what would your logical or natural reaction be?
then the attacker robbed your house and he decided to stay at your house !! what would your logical reaction or natural be ?
then after you went to the police station , and unfortunately , the police couldn’t put the attacker out " because he was a policeman and he had a good relation with that attacker " . what would your logical or natural reaction be ?
I’ll answer , the logical or natural reaction will be :
You would ask him for many times to put out from your house , but when he didn’t accept that , you would ask the police to do that , and the police didn’t do that " for latest reason " …
unfortunately , liers would call you a terrorist person , but in fact you are a resistant person …

now … could you apply this situation in the Middle East … !!!
the attacker: is Israel
the police : is UN …" and unfortunately USA"
the defender : are Palestinians & Lebaneses & Syrians …

I hope that you and your country will meet the same situation …
to feel our feeling …

let’s move on to another subject.

Have a great day. :lol: :lol:


It is never to late, let’s have always hope.
I am Polish and still live in Poland at least few months per year.
When I was about seventeen I was as you Hercules a little blind with hate but this was not my hate this was a State Official Policy “Hate”. Hate about some of their “enemies”.
I was every day prepering my gun( I was a soldier)to be ready and I strongly believed in the TV news and my “teachers”.
Some day I started travel and years after years at sea as a seaman I can’t anymore agree with what I had been “learned”.
Some expierenced have crushed me very much but I like people and still trust people.
You see, Hercules ,it is time for work and time for fun,
It would be just easier for you being able to see USA
or Poland then be " learned" and live with this instead of that what you hear from somebody else.
It is very easy to hurt teenager, and it is very easy to pursuade him doing things which he will regret.
I don’t believe that anybody in USA is your enemy.
I don’t believe that people in Israel are your enemies.
Trust a little me, that in person people are good,

I hope that nothing from that bad things You had written about you would be able to do.

It is very easy as you see be lost and stoped being a human.
Without America ,I would probably be just sitting in barracks cleaning my weapon waiting for an order to start
killing again.
America if has done certainly a lot of bad,very bad things is still the best place to live and even if it is not so beautiful
as your own country.It is just a place where same people as you live nothing more.

Israel was attacked first time about 1948-49 as I remeber and has literally chosen Your advise to fight back up to now.
Sometimes much to much maybe but this is Your advice
then probably they may be right.


Mr “H” I am afraid that people would like to ignore Yours kind of questions
even if You are really very interesting source of a disinformation in the information.

I am really very amazed about this information. :shock: :? :?:
I think….!!! I was lived in mars. :o

Mr.Jan said

feel I watch American movies.
Production by Hollywood

From your talk Mr.J

I like to say:
You are one of two men 1_ a big liar…… Or 2_ you’re blind………

in latakia before 18 years ago, was a hugest sport spin and shared in it many of Europe countries and all these countries said :
Latakia has a lot of things to be one of beautiful cities in the world.
These some photos for poor city:???

Mr.J said:

But Mr. smart
all countries in the world have regime governments ……
Did you have regime governments in your sea? :lol: :lol:

Frankly I didn’t prefer talk to you Mr.J.K about this subject

You must read Bible again, and than look what are they doing?
Note: Arabs didn’t hate Jews and we were lived together from old time.
If you want to know what are Arabs feeling?
Just read spencer post

of course spencer not Arab but he is from europa and he wrote his feeling If anyone try to go in his House.
how if he takes your country… :?: :?: :?:

Mr.J.K said:

You’re very bad in history:

Nazis go in Poland but Hezbollah didn’t go in Israel.
Hezbollah do same thing which the French fighting do against Nazis.

Moslem and Christian and Jewish we live in Syria as brothers, and I can go in to Christian neighborhoods and Christian and Jewish they can go in Moslem neighborhoods.

The most important basic in Islam:

[color=red]No bulldozing in the religion
In our religion
You can be what do you want, you are free.
So if Moslem kills anyone (Moslem and Christian and Jewish and atheist………) without any cause you will go in hell. (Such as Osama Ben laden).


Exactly. And people used to call that ‘resistance’, whereas now, according to who the invader is, it’s called ‘terrorism’.

Well, nothing to add really,
but a problem is that I am saying just what I remeber and
this has nothing to do with my personal attitude.
Exept a fact that I was shocked when somebody who supposed to be the “pilot station” was shuting angry at me
on radio that I completly confused called captain who after few tries
confirm that “Ja Ja schlepper 100 m”.
He also added some hard comments
This man - pilot and big boss of the port was later accting like a monarch.
Well if You are sure about that You beatiful country is fine
well good for You.
USA looks just diffrent but be sure some places are making “even worse impression”
Poland as I said was in past very similar for me somehow.
I am sure you love it as it is I would do the same probably.

It is important to understand each other but it sometimes
also necessery to listen to each other and trust a bit.
I am quite sure that You will find a lot of friends in Isreal
and USA and in Poland.
Politic is stinking and if it is here or there I wouldn’t waste
my life again for any country.
Americans Europieans or Arabs meet togeather are out of their history just nice.


I don’t expect You to believe me now but think what if I have some right.

Is it the truth or maybe just misinterpratation
but Hezbollah had attacked Israelis soldiers on Isreal teritory
killing some and kidnapping some of them one or two persons.
What was it a beginning of this war or was this just a stupid mishap.
I am afraid that normally as You said , this may be taken as the war declaration.
Justice and once more justice.
Regards and peace.
In Israel are many many people who are against any killing
against any military action and posible it is majority
of population,but they never win the elections if their voices
are overwhelmed by fear and agression.
Esperanto for everybody

Guys, do you actually believe that your virtual firefight will improve the world? The site?