Amazon to collaborate with Volkswagen


So, the German car industry is the next frontier Amazon is going to disrupt: Volkswagen and Amazon have just announced their cooperation. Volkswagen will use AWS as their cloud service provider. I think within the next few years this will result in a dramatic increase of productivity and lots of the 650.000 jobs at Volkswagen will be removed since a worker in most cases costs much more than technology.

So, instead of using a German cloud service provider Volkswagen uses the American company Amazon. Why is this? Simply because Germany doesn’t have its national cloud service industry.



Interestingly the word “collaborator” in Germany has a negative aftertaste. It’s been used in the last century for people supporting communist or socialist parties.



oh, and another interesting information in this context is that VW reported about a profit of about 13.6 Billion € in the last business year. It´s been said in public broadcast news a week or two weeks ago. A few minutes later the same broadcast station claimed that VW has sold stocks of about 13 Billion € in the same timespan and in the USA.
Am I an old grudge connecting those facts and thinking weird about it?



Volkswagen currently employs more than 650.000 people, that’s way too many if the company wants to stay competitive in the future. That’s why they are now trying to find new business models and products. They have recently announced that are going to reduce the number of staff in administration by at least 7000 within the next few years. I’m sure that’s only the beginning of a long process whose outcome will determine Volkswagen’s ultimate faith and future.

They have chosen Amazon as their cloud computing services provider because Jeff Bezos is the god of efficiency. His core principle is ‘Your margin is my opportunity’. I’m sure that over the next few years Volkswagen is going to replace thousands of office staff and production workers with AI technologies driven by Amazon. Fewer workers means lower overhead and higher efficiency and productivity and more value for their shareholders. That’s all that counts to them.



yes… in disruption of economy and support of civil wars.
Why do I think so? The system Jeff Bezos follows is exactly that of exploitation we know from the middle ages. This system on the one hand blinds people by providing things on low costs, but on the other hand it destroys workplaces and disables people to buy things they in ancient times have manufactured. This will lead to underemployment and hardship of those who were employed. Furthermore it will lead to displeasure and aggression. And an incident as we know about the former French revolution where the excellency Marie Antoinette stated: "the people doesn’t have bread? If so they might feed cake… " can spark revolution.
Plus, it leads to racism as we can learn in Europe right now. Racism is a valve for those that feel left behind. Not accidentally we have a certain party here that mainly persists of profiteurs and right wing nationalists.

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I agree with most of what you are saying here. By the way, here is a glimpse into the future of the car industry:

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