Am I right when I say "Soon die" or"Die soon".

  1. Am I right when I say “Soon die” or"Die soon".

  2. What does “deathfire” mean?

  3. Should I say a lot of “Things” or"Thing"
    Thank you.

I will dye my hair soon…
I will soon try to dye my hair…

(both sentences are conveying the same message)

It may be the ‘hell-fire’ in the hereafter.

A lot of things (plural)

thank you for your help.

  1. In the first question I mentioned the situation when someone who has worked hard and he or she said that :“I will soon die” or “I will die soon”.
    Which one is right?

2.Have you ever heard the word “Deathfire”, because I read it on the newspaper but It wrote by a non-native writer.

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As i aid in my earlier post,i have been associated with this forum since 1 year and now i have learnt many things and improved a lot in my English…I am very week in communications as well as in writing skills.

I am very keen to learn how to use Punctuation and how to improve my accent in English.If you guys can help me on the same.I will be grateful to you.

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Both word orders are possible. Clearly it is a rather gloomy and sad thing to say.

Sahid: “die” and “dye” are different words with completely different meanings.

“deathfire” is not a word in standard English. It may be a kind of made-up word, e.g. for a fictional weapon in a video game or something. More context is needed.

You are making many errors with spacing around punctuation. Please check the following:

“As I said in my earlier post,I have been…” – INCORRECT SPACING
“As I said in my earlier post, I have been…” – CORRECT SPACING

“…improve my accent in English.If you guys can help me…” – INCORRECT SPACING
“…improve my accent in English. If you guys can help me…” – CORRECT SPACING