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Reasons for application
What I feel most disadvantageous to be born in Japan is that there are few foreigners: most people in Japan are Japanese, and there is only one language spoken in Japan; Japanese. Of course, although there is some advantage to be born in Japan, in the case of America, there are a lot of races not only American but also many other countries’ people in addition to America is called Melting Pot. That proves that there are various languages spoken in the United State.
In addition, with regard to the content of this program, it is excellent that this program will hold more prior trainings held by Keio University than any other programs. It is because just studying abroad dose not much benefit, in other words, it is not true that just studying abroad enriches people and obtains experiences automatically. If I want to succeed this program, I have to research much information to share with American students during I’m even in Japan.
Besides, going and studying abroad is one of big objectives, but it is not an ultimate goal. To utilize experiences of studying at W&M University after coming back to Japan, I need hard work which is the meeting held by Keio University as the key to further development after finishing studying at W&M University.
For these reasons, I will choose W&M University. Studying there, which will satisfy me, I can enrich my life, that is to say, this program perfectly fit my desire. Without doubt or hesitation, W&M University is my best choice now.
Goal of this program
I want to learn various cultures, characteristic customs, and peculiar politics. W&M University is familiar with not only history but also American cultures and politics of various ages, because cultures and politics, which are affected by historical events, have their historical origins and W&M University is the 2nd oldest university in the United States.
Then, I will compare the cultures and politics that I will learn at W&M University to those of Japan and recognize the differences between America and Japan. There may be some differences and that means American history and Japanese history are also different. I would like to exchange views about the process of formation of modern cultures and politics as well as the history of both countries.
Plan to attain the objectives
To gain these goals, not only during in the U.S. but also during in Japan, I’m going to recognize Japanese culture, history, politics by prior trainings including ones held by Keio University. I would like to understand Japanese politics very well because I think that Japanese young people are not interested in our politics in particular. Besides, to take an interest in us, I will be able to introduce something which is also popular in America such as Ninja, Bushi, something like that.
Finally, off course, I have to study English pretty hard because I may go to the U.S. and if they will not understand what I will say, everything will be meaningless.

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Hi, I have tried to correct some of your writing errors. I will have to trust that you have the correct content, as I am not sure what this is for.

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Actually this is an application for a short studying abroad program.