also vs as well vs too

Please, could I use “also, as well and too” in all kind of possible phrases or are there differences between them? Thanks.

Yes, ‘also’, ‘as well’, and ‘too’ usually can be interchanged. To pick similar words trying using this Website, ‘’.

They are usually similar, but can occur in different places in a sentence. For example.
I like cats. I also like dogs.
I like cats. I like dogs too.
I like cats. I like dogs as well.
Basically, ‘also’ is usually used before the verb. ‘Too’ and ‘as well’ are usually used at the end of the sentence.

“Also” appears all over the place. It’s true that “too” and “as well” usually appear at the end, though. “As well” and “also” are more formal than “too.”