Hi everybody,
I have a question concerning “also” and “too”.
I use the two words and almost always I am right. But unfortunately I don’t know the explanation. Could you help me, please?

I think you forgot to actually include your question?

Dear Dozy,
I didn’t forget to include my question in fact. I want to know when I should use “also” and when “too”.


I’m not a teecher, but for me you can use the both. It’s depend of you sentence. Sometimes the word ‘too’ doesn’t have the same meaning as also. I give you an example: I talk too much. In this case you cannot say: I talk also much. These two word are adverbs, but there is a difference in use. Do you follow me?
I reckon you don’t make mistake because you practice a lot English. If I find something else, I will poste you a message.

Have a nice day.