Allow time for traffic

Please tell me the meaning of “allow time for traffic” e.g. Dick suggested that we leave early and allow time for traffic. Does it mean “consider time for traffic jam”?
Thank you.

In a way, yes. It means allow enough time so that if the traffic is very heavy, you will still reach your destination in time.

Something like 'Make time?


‘Make time’ has a different meaning.

‘Allow time for traffic’ = allow time to complete your journey regardless of how heavy the traffic might be.

‘Make time for traffic’ = Create enough time in your life to pay attention to traffic - which really doesn’t make sense in this context.

Ah, thank you very much coach.
Learning never ends.


Can I say ‘Give time’ then?


‘Allow time for traffic.’
‘Give enough time to allow for traffic.’

Great! Coach, you’re the best! Rgds. Teaching needs a lot of knowledge, kindness, patience and inspiration, me humbly sink.